My Favorite Child Memories Essay

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My Favorite Childhood Memories

When I think about my childhood memories I remember how my mom made each holiday special. My mom was a single parent whom raised my brother and me. She worked two to three jobs to support my brother and me. She did not get any help from anyone. We barely had money during my childhood. I can remember how one Christmas we could not afford to get a tree and my mom strung lights on the wall like a tree design and she provided gifts for us from Santa. Christmas night my mom would wait till we were sleeping, before she would put out the gifts and toys. Whenever we woke up the next day we were so excited that ...view middle of the document...

She made each holiday special. Easter I remember waking up and going to church and when we got home she had us go look for our Easter baskets. My mom decorated the house for Easter and we got to hunt Easter eggs. Our birthdays were also a special day. Whomever birthday it was she would wake us up singing happy birthday and that was our day to do whatever we wanted. She would make a cake or ask us what we would like for our birthdays. She would make our day special the best way she could. Halloween we got to dressed up and go trick and treating when we had the chance. There had been times we couldn’t afford to go out so we got dressed up and went trick and treating in the house. I don’t have many memories of Fourth of July. The only memory I can recall was we all went out and watch fireworks. New Year’s Eve is another holiday I am not for sure what we did on that day. I do remember watching TV on the countdown of the end of the year. I think it was in New York City where the ball would drop. I can’t forget the tooth fairy. She would always leave some sort of money for us to find. When my mom was growing up she did not receive a lot of love or shown how the holidays can be special. She wanted us to know how much she loves us and show us how magical the holidays can be. You are only a child once and I can say even though we were poor growing up we was cared for and blessed in so many ways. I am so glad my mom taught us what the holiday’s means. I can try to carry on the tradition with my child.

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