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I had my goals for freshman year set. I was going to at least try and get A's and B's in my Spanish Language and Spanish World History classes. I was also going to try out for the basketball team, the volleyball team, and the softball team. I was going to do all these things"¦ at Coral Reef Senior High. But then I moved, and I ended up here, at American Senior High. Since Coral Reef is definitely different than American High, I had to rethink my goals.
Academically, I had to change my goals since some of the classes I would have taken at Reef, they don't have here at American High. So, I had to forget about getting A's or B's in Spanish Language and Spanish World History ...view middle of the document...

        Other goals that I've set up for myself are to do some voluntary work at hospitals and shelters, and to join a teen court program that my friends are in. There you get to be a juror, a bailiff, a prosecuting attorney, or a defense attorney. It's a lot of fun, and it seems interesting, so I want to do it. And since everyone says that we should have fun during our freshman year, I want to try out different things like trying out for soccer, or maybe basketball. Basketball here would be more of a challenge because the team here is better that the one at Reef, so I don't know if I would get in, but since it's a challenge, I might do it. I might also get into some clubs, and maybe try acting, since I'm in drama.

        Finally, the personal goals that I had set up for myself will be the same. I want to try and be more confident in myself, and maybe be more outgoing. I also want to make a lot of new friends and I'm going to try to be less judgmental of people. Another goal which I've had for about two years now but I'm really going to work on getting it this year, is that I want to be able to talk about my feelings more. And finally, although it may seem unimportant, I want to talk slower, and be less vain.

        These are my new goals for my freshman year in American High. Hopefully, I'll be able to achieve at least three of them. Then again, it could be like all the other years and I'll forget about them by the second month. I guess that should be another goal of mine, to actually achieve some of my other goals. Oh yeah, and my most important goal of the year: Get A Man!

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