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My Grandfather Essay

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Regretful Yet Thankful
My grandfather had passed away two years ago, diagnosed with liver cancer. It was a hard time for the whole family. His last six months was a painful memory that is unforgettable to us. Everything started when the doctor told our family that he was diagnosed with last stage of cancer a few months after our reconciliation with our long lost grandfather. When I was only three years old, both my grandparents from my father side decided to get a divorce. He had been seeing someone else when he is still holding his marital status with her. As a woman, she felt cheated by him. Thus she thought that the divorce was the best conclusion to end everything. However, that was ...view middle of the document...

It was what we always hear a lot of times from my grandmother. Even now, she still cannot forgive and forget what the dead man had done.
It was my senior year in Singapore high school when my grandfather started to undergo his suffering. Since our family was the only one living in Singapore and have better financial to provide him with better medication. All the weight was put on our shoulder. My grandfather was staying in our small apartment and took up quite a lot of space. Moreover, he also has the contagious virus that speed up the spreading of the cancer. However, the only thing we could do was just grumbling and complaining about the current situation at that time. Even now, I could not imagine how I felt about the situation of living with someone who is going to face the death and still carrying virus. Since my grandfather was in pain he also make so much noise. It was not a smooth night everyday.
Luckily the situation got better when my grandfather undergo operation. He no longer stays at our house and he could receive a better service from the nurse. Not long after that he have to undergo chemotherapy. The first few therapy was effective and his health increase positively. However,...

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