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Lisa Morgan

Integrity and Ethics

Integrity and ethics both mean adherence to moral and ethic principles in other words honesty. In life we follow rules and do things we are told to get where we are today. Taking the easy way out by cheating is a way to fail in life because you will never be able to advance on your own.
Buying an essays involve questions of ethics, while subjecting students to scrutiny that could end their academic careers. If students are guided throughout the entire essay/paper project, the temptation to buy a finished product will diminish. Some institutions devote entire semesters to developmental and post-developmental writing skills.
When using someone else’s paper over to turn in remember it's who YOU are the college wants to see, and how well you write. If that's the way ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, the vast majority have no idea how to respond to the request or assignment, offering empty affirmation in the place of useful feedback. If you have the challenge of providing feedback to a friend or peer, praise for praise's sake is of little value. Instead, an honest, in-depth critique will help both the writer and the reviewer improve their skills. The critique, though, requires a thoughtful, tactful approach.
Since ignorance is not considered to be an adequate defense, it is essential that students become thoroughly familiar with the standards and requirements set by the instructors. Just like being on time for work, you submit your work on time.
Submitting the wrong information purposely goes to show how little effort and standards a student has towards achieve his/her goals. The lack of strive to succeed makes a person fail and to fail means you quit.
Failure to show commitment shows how unreliable the student is. In the work environment reliability is very important to employers. When doing a group project your peers expect you to do your half as they will do their own.

My List of Ethics

1. Morality
2. Honesty
3. Reliability
4. Commitment
5. Righteousness
6. Sincerity
7. Coherence
8. Goodness
9. Practice
10. Perfection

A student must have these traits to live a fair and honesty life. You must have your morals set straight and they must be out of the goodness of one’s heart. Being reliable towards others lets people know that you are responsible and can live up to your expectations. Commitment show that’s a person not only says he/she will do something but they are committed to their word. All these traits show that a person in school, life, work, and at home are responsible and can take charge of their own life.

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