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My Leadership Smart Goal Essay

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My Leadership SMART Goal
Leadership development is one of the many pertinent skills that nurses has to master in congruent with the dynamic and fast changing healthcare system, in order to provide an effective and safe patient care. Part of effective leadership is setting a goal that is achievable and realistic for the team or group in order to reach a desired outcome. Using a SMART-formatted goal ensures that the desired outcome is achievable, hence the meaning of SMART goal, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. To help with my leadership development in the care of my patients, I will focus my SMART goal on improving my leadership skills in patient education ...view middle of the document...

(p. 216).
As mentioned in the IOM’s description of patient-centered care, education and controlling patients pain and suffering are important when caring for the patients. It is for this reason that I chose to improve my leadership skills in the education of my patients regarding their pain management.
As a nurse who works mostly on medical-surgical, and orthopedic units, my SMART goal focuses on developing effective patient education skills particularly about pain management on post-surgical patients. I feel that discharges of my post-surgical patients are postponed sometimes because the patients are afraid to move because they are in pain. There are instances where they are afraid to take pain medicine because they are afraid they can get addicted to it. There are also some that tends to ask too much pain medicine to the point where they can’t move around because they are too drowsy or lethargic because of too much pain medicine. So educating the patients to taking moderate pain medicine to just enough to control their pain will help them with their post-surgical recovery process. Better pain control helps them get out of bed earlier and regain their independence or return to their pre-surgical state faster. In order to deliver my education to my patient effectively, I need to develop education skills that are relevant and effective. The following table shows my SMART goal in detail.
A detailed plan of action helps in achieving my SMART goal. As summarized on the table above my plan of action will be done in a timeline of about six weeks. On week 1 and 2, I will research on effective patient education methods and pain management for post-surgical patients from credible resources. Through the Chamberlain College of Nursing on-line library and credible websites, I searched the databases for publications websites that are relevant to patient education and pain management. There were few articles and websites obtained that gave detailed recommendations on how to give effective patient education, two of the articles, and two of the websites are discussed in this paper. On week 3, I will conduct a self-evaluation and receive constructive feedback from our nurse educator to identify areas for improvement. During my self-evaluation process, I will use questionnaires to evaluate my strength, and weaknesses in patient education. I will also evaluate my knowledge on pain management by comparing it with the knowledge recommended by the articles and resources obtained. I will also ask our nurse educator to evaluate my skills in patient education by letting her observe me when I provide patient education. I will ask her to list my strengths and any areas to improve and focus on that. On week 4 and 5, I will implement the skills or methods that I...

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