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My Life Is Interesting Only If It Is Related To Psychoanalysis

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“My life is interesting only if it is related to psychoanalysis.” Those are the infamous words of a man who is believed to be one of the most influential figures in Psychology. Sigmund Freud is his name, the father of psychoanalysis. As a child, Sigmund was intensely loved by his parents, and always strived to do his best in his academic studies. He took his research very seriously and was extremely enthusiastic to begin his journey through the world of Psychology. Likewise, his followers were and still are equally fascinated by his discoveries.
Sigmund Freud was born Sigismund Schlomo Freud on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia, which is presently a portion of the Czech Republic. His ...view middle of the document...

It was then that he attended Sperl Gymnasium where he managed to be the first in his class for seven years. Jacob and Amalia praised “sigi” for his achievements in the intellectual realm. In particular, he was the only child to have his own room and had a gas lamp for light instead of candles. During his enrollment at this German grammar school, Sigismund decided to change his name to Sigmund. After graduating at the Gymnasium, Freud knew he wanted to become a college student at the University of Vienna, however, he was unsure of what to study. A friend had once suggested law, but there was something pulling him toward the field of Science. And so, the intelligent Sigmund Freud became a medical student. The study of medicine did not intrigue Sigmund in the same way in that of scientific research. Uncommon to the time period, it took him 8 years to finally receive his medical degree because he focused too much of his time toward his wonders of the scientifically unknown, which began the adventures of arriving at his psychoanalytic theories. In the year of 1877, Freud met one of his earliest influences, a physiologist named Ernst Brucke. Brucke allowed him to work in his laboratory where he examined and learned of the anatomy of the brain and histology. One of his main assignments while working with Brucke was to determine whether or not nerve cells in humans are the same, and if not, what were the main differences between them and of small animals. The objective of this experiment was to establish a correlation between the anatomical make up of humans and animals. Sigmund’s findings showed that the spinal neuron cells of a frog were of the same type as a human’s. These results reinforced Darwin’s initial idea that humans and animals are genetically and historically connected.
Although he had given great contributions to Brucke’s laboratory, Sigmund would not have made a decent living if he had continued working there. He met a beautiful young woman by the name of Martha Bernays and was destined to marry her. Martha’s family was poor as well as Sigmund’s. Therefore, Mister Freud had to seek higher paid employment. Doing the research he loved so dearly would not make ends meet and so he was forced to take on a position at the Vienna General Hospital. At the hospital, he wanted to put his medical degree into practice and receive experience. Eventually he landed a spot in Theodor Meynert’s department of psychiatry. Here, he was anxious and ready to continue his analysis is neurophysiology.
Aside from his day job as a neurologist, Freud administered a study on cocaine, the main element of the coca leaf. He began the research by using himself as a case study and recorded his thoughts, how he viewed the world around him, and how he felt before, during, and after the use of cocaine. He then published his findings in an article called “Uber Coca”, which means “On Coca”. Shortly after he began his quest of the consequences,...

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