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My Life Is Like A Red Rose

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This is the loveliest lyrical song of all time for Roberts wife - Jean Armour. It is widely known for not only its emotional significance bur its perfect form as well.
Robert Burns opens this poem with a traditional comparison:
\"Oh my love is like a red red rose\"
Up to now, \"rose\" is considered the symbol of love. In this case, rose \"is newly sprung in June\", we can understand that his love is always at the starting point. Robert uses his rose with the meaning that it is very strong and passionate.
In the second comparison, the poet shares, \"the melodie\" that \"sweetly played in tune\":
\"Oh my love is like the melodie\"
This is the conventional comparison that evolves the hearing sense of the beats of two hearts of those who are in love. This ...view middle of the document...

There are two exaggerated images proving the poets passionate and deep love:
\"Till athe seas gang dry, my dear,
and the rocks melt withe sun.\"
The seas are so broad to get dry and the rocks are too stable to be melted by the suns heat. Burns wants to confirm that his love is more immense than the seas and harder than the rocks ang that hia love is eternal.
The repetition of the line \" And I will love thee still, my dear\" expresses his promise, a certain promise with \"I will...\" not \"I shall...\"and this is repeated in the last stanza. Eventhoughthe flow of life passes by, his love is still unchangeable.(\"While the sand olife shall run\")
Robert Burns successfully uses the strength of repetition again in the last stanza:
\"And fare thee weel, my only love,
And fare thee weel awhile\" Goodbye, but just goodbye for a while. He promises to come back one day with a fully love despite the distance of ten thousand miles.
One more literary art in this poem is the combination of the iambic tetrameter(in line 1 and 3)and iambic trimeter(in line 2 and 4)of each stanza; but there is a difference from the other poems: the second and the fourth lines of the first two stanzas rhyme together; meanwhile in the last two stanzas, the scheme rhymes in pair-the first line with the third one, the second with the fourth. Especially, the word \"love\" in the last stanza rhymes with the word \"rose\" in the first stanza, that makes a coherent link in term of the poemrhythm.
In conclusion, \"My lov is like a red rose\" is the best poem of Robert Burns, written only for Jean Armour. This is well-known for not only its significance but also its special rhythm. There are some people think that it is a sweetly love song, not a poem. How wonderful!

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