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My Message To All Muslim Brethren

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Dear Brother,
First accept my Salaam and good wishes. You may have read my website: You advocate the slaughtering of animals and eating its flesh while I condemn slaughtering of animals or eating its flesh. Very few Muslims would favour me for what I write and preach. It does not come as a surprise to me, for I am learned and enlightened while most of you do not know your religion or may never have read the Holy Quran with its deep meanings. I have nothing against you. Ultimately, we have to pay for our karma or deeds, sometime, somewhere, and somehow until we die. But it is my duty to let you know the reasons why I preach vegetarianism, why I am against ...view middle of the document...

We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered”. 3. As I said Islam started as a vegetarian religion, but Arabs were hardcore meat eaters and could not refrain themselves from eating meat of any kind. Many of the Arabs were reluctant to convert to Islam. Many who did convert, did not follow Islam religiously and showed resentment against living on vegetarian diet. To motivate them, their request were honoured, and hence the sura 5:1 was revealed. Please

read 5:1. Translation by Shakir: “O you who believe! fulfil the obligations. The cattle quadrupeds are allowed to you except that which is recited to you, not violating the prohibition against game(hunting) when you are entering upon the performance of the pilgrimage; surely Allah orders what He desires”. This surah may have been revealed between 5th and 10th year of Hijrah. Many authority regard this as the last surah. Rodwell placed this surah chronologically as last in the line. The Significant part of this surah is, it talks about making cattle lawful for Muslims. It does not say that rice, potato or vegetables have been made lawful or allowed to Muslims, which clearly means that in earlier times Islam did not encourage the eating of animal flesh, only later it was allowed to please the followers. In addition, the surah begins with a pre-condition for Muslims to fulfil their obligations, meaning following the Islamic laws strictly. 4. You put in much of your valuable time in accusing me of spreading vegetarianism amongst Muslim people. You also show great anguish and resentment against my little suggestion to honour and respect the lives of innocent creatures. Did you, in your entire lifetime, spend even a fraction of that time objecting against Muslim brothers and sisters who are into gambling, drugs, prostitution, dancing and singing, smuggling, theft, dacoity and looting, murder, rape and other sins of the highest order?. Yet, you are so overwhelmed by my request to spare the lives of innocent creatures, instead provide those monies to deserving Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. My suggestion to contribute that money to deserving Muslims does not suit you, as the intoxication of flesh eating has entered your blood stream, rightly said by our Holy Prophet. 5. Tell me brothers and sisters in Islam, how many of us are Muslims today?. When it comes to slaughtering and eating the flesh of animals, you quickly and promptly put the words of your Lord about the permission to slaughter and eat the flesh of animals. Keeping friendship with Christians and Jews, encouraging any interaction with Christians and Jews are strictly prohibited in Islam. Yet, most Muslims can do anything to live and die in the lands of the Christians and Jews. Most Muslims can do anything to let their children study in Christian schools and most Muslims are all out to negotiate business worldwide, with Jews and Christians. Islam clearly warns all Muslims about being...

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