My Mother And Her Sister Essay

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My Mother and Her Sister by Jane Rogers

Looking back at our childhood, we all had a certain idea of how the world around us was working. An ignorant illusion that was created by our parents and the way we have been raised as a child. As we become grown-ups, everything is turned upside down and suddenly we see the world around us from another perspective.
This is the exact theme in the short story “My Mother and Her Sister” by Jane Rogers, 1996, which tells the story about a girl who finally realises that the people around her, after all doesn’t match the illusions from her childhood.

”My Mother and Her Sister” is told from a 1st person narrator’s point of you, limited to the ...view middle of the document...

The Lucy she used to know, “as an easy chatty woman, good at small talk and making me feel at home”(l. 39), has turned into the complete opposite kind of person.

Especially the mood describes the atmosphere between the characters and indicates which kind of situation we are dealing with. Important notice is the mood changes throughout the short story. As an example, the main character and her aunt haven’t shared a tear or a word since the lost of Dorothy, I haven’t cried…(l.24), but outside the rain in pouring down. The mood is here expressed by the rain, and might be a symbol of the melancholy situation. “It’s rained since Lucy came. My house is terribly quiet”(l.27). As the quote indicates the setting is depressing and everything goes unpleasant slowly. The fact that the main character hasn’t been crying since the lost of her mother might be a thing the reader would put a mark on. There have clearly been some complications between the two of them, which reveals that the main character instead of her own mother, sees her aunt as the type of person who has achieved happiness in life.

As the story progresses and the rain stops: “On Thursday the rain stopped”(l.67). Likewise the melancholy situation changes as well as the silence between the main character and her aunt Lucy. After a long time without nothing to add, they have their first conversation about Dorothy “it was the first time we mentioned mum”(ll.85-86) – which after all is going to change everything that the main character had expected. It is clearly that Lucy and Dorothy had two...

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