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I often wonder about myself: why does this obsession of mine drive me to such an extreme? Why does the right side of my brain surface in such a manner that even I can't understand? Is it out of boredom? Or is it overzealous creativity? What I'm talking about is decorating. Not just normal decorating (I do that well) but outrageous, full-blown theme decorating. Using vibrant colors, with a unique style, I express my whimsical personality. What makes this type of decorating so much fun is that the more outlandish and obscure it is, the more I am driven to take it to its fullest potential.

I can't remember how it all started, but it seems to have taken on a life of its own. ...view middle of the document...

Now they needed a sled to haul, and it had to be big enough for Santa and all of his packages.

A beautiful holiday display was finally emerging in front of my house. What a shame that it was only visible during daylight hours. I needed to illuminate this Yuletide scene with lights, lots of lights! I found myself back at "Holiday Central" charging 3,000 of the brightest bulbs General Electric had to offer. I hung blue lights and white lights, chaser lights, and twinkling lights. There were so many lights my electric bill tripled during the month of December. I could have caused a power outage affecting houses and shops within a one-mile radius.

This newborn obsession wasn't limited to the holiday season. It seemed to have spilled over like a waterfall into my backyard. A tropical paradise was materializing before my eyes. I fell in love with those tacky pink flamingos often sighted in trailer parks or senior communities. These long-legged birds shade themselves from the searing sun under a pair of plastic palm trees, and occasionally quench their thirst at the tiki bar. Mosquitoes are repelled by a dozen bamboo tiki torches blazing like a Hawaiian luau.

I recognize that I am powerless over this zany obsession, but once I find a theme worthy of being celebrated with decoration, I succumb to an all or nothing approach. I can't help the giddy feeling of excitement I get from this compulsion. One might suggest I seek a 12-step program to cure me of this expensive habit. If things continue as they are, my husband will need to find a second job and build an addition to house the many seasonal accessories I have acquired.

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