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A Change for the better
Jywanza Turner
Communication 530
September 6, 2009

In looking at change within an organization it is not easy but it is an essential part that sometimes can allow the company and the employees to be successful. In a business organization the primary goal is to develop and implement change that will than lead to success and growth. An analysis of the circumstances in the Synergetic Solutions Incorporated (SSI) wanted to produce more product while still anticipating employee’s resistance to change however; management needs to understand internal and external drive forces organizational change. In order for management to deal with change they must also ...view middle of the document...

Lewin’s change model indicates the first step to accomplish organizational change is to deal with “resistance to change by unlocking the present system”. To move from this equilibrium, to overcome the pressure of both individual resistance and group conformity, therefore unfreezing is necessary (McShane & Von Glinow, 2002).
SSI changes are motivated by numerous different internal factors, there were not progressing in their sales which motivated the CEO to reconsider the focus of the company. The new focus: redesign the work environment and organize structure to move from the present departmental structural to a new team based structure, develop new human resources policies and programs to help employees make the transition, and to upgrade employees skills sets and/or hire new employees with relevant skills (McNamara, 2005). To change work flow, tools and technology needs to be improved and the budgetary constraints and quarterly goals should be addressed. External drivers for change at SSI would include a new focus on the network design, implementation which requires employees training, and all systems to be upgraded. Moving into a market creates competition for skilled individuals and forcing a re-evaluation of strategies.
SSI will address internal and external changes that would require addressing the forces that resistance change, and include how to overcome the resistance. Communication, incentive plans, employee training, and have a change strategy to overcome resistance, and unfreeze the culture. “A combination of information, communication, and education about the need for change typically … when people do not fully understand why, what, and how of change, there will be a more resistance and more time required to institute change” (Jack, 2005). Metrics that follows employee productivity along with evaluating revenue provides the ability to examine, follow, and focus the freezing. A management change model would be incomplete without addressing change resistance and how to overcome it, therefore increasing the effectiveness of change initiatives. Change resistance is provided when employees are less than likely tolerant change, especially when there is a loss of trust between management. According to the force field theory the driving forces must overcome the resisting forces in order to make change. It is not enough to increase the weight of the driving forces, as resisting forces return the pressure. Instead of working to remove resistance change should be motivated forward and effectively.
Resistance that the leader may expect to experience at SSI would be: the fear of the unknown, breaking routines, incongruent team dynamics, saving face, and building support. In many ways resistance can be targeted to adjust to the employees need; however this will not just benefit the employee but the employer also. SSI must first build up the employees trust toward management, reassuring that the change will benefit the...

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