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My Perception On Cultural Diversity Essay

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Jessica Pitts

Axia College of University of Phoenix

ETH 125 Cultural Diversity

My perception of life has changed since having to write this journal entry for my Cultural Diversity Class on which I chose PUERTO RICO, an enchanted island to which a part of me belongs to, a place to which my ancestors come from and yet a place I have yet to explore. I have however, learned much of where I come from and also more appreciative… I am a full blooded Puerto Rican. My father born in Moca, Puerto Rico came to the United States at the age of seven. My mother also a Puerto Rican (but what you may refer to the term as a New York Rican), was born and raised in Brooklyn, New ...view middle of the document...

Her great, great grandfather was a Spaniard and his wife, from the Taino Indians. My grandfather, born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico strictly descended from the Taino tribe. This mixture resulted in my mother and her 7 other siblings born with different complexions. My mother fair-skinned as well as her youngest sister are sometimes mistaken for being Caucasian, while the rest, all brothers are all copper-skinned like my grandfather with fine features from my grandmother.

In 1898, United States invaded the island. Puerto Rican independent advocates became extremely disappointed and disillusioned when it became clear that the United States would not grant the island greater autonomy or independence.

Since the 19th century, Puerto Ricans migrated primarily to New York and New Jersey. After the Spanish-American War, the remainder wave of Puerto Ricans migrated once again to New York. It wasn't long before the Puerto Rican "Barrios" in the South Bronx, Spanish Harlem, Manhattan's Lower East Side and in Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue began to resemble "Little Puerto Rico's" with their "Bodegas" (small grocery stores) and "Piragueros" (Puerto Rican shaved ice venders) in every corner. Puerto Rican music flourished with the likes of Rafael Hernandez and Pedro Flores who formed the "Trio Borincano" and gained recognition in the city. Myrta Silva who later joined Hernandez's "Cuarteto Victoria" also gained fame as a singer after the group...

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