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My Personal Essay

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Santina Wood
Argosy University Online2nd Year Psychology
August 21, 2014
My Personal Journey Then and Now with AUO
Good day everyone. My name is Santina, and I am in my second year here at AUO working towards my BA in Psychology. I am what some would call a “late starter” when it comes to continuing my education, and there were times in my life that I often questioned my choice, and began to regret that fact. However, choosing to raise my family is a choice I will never regret. I wouldn’t take that time in my life back for anything in this world. I believe that making the choice that I made has actually helped to prepare me for this road that I have decided to travel.
Before the passing of my husband, and in the three years that followed, the passing of both of my sons, I had made a promise to not only them, but to myself that no matter what obstacles I faced, I would never let anything ...view middle of the document...

That kind of honesty is refreshing to me. It was during this time that I was informed that for now Karen would be playing a dual role for me. However, it was not long before I found an email from Kelly Birg. She introduced herself, and about a day later, she reached out to me, and let me tell you, it was like I had known her forever. She made me feel like my needs were the most important, and she assured me that I would do fine, but if there was ever a problem, or an issue, I only need to let her know. Unfortunately, in November of 2013, due to health issues beyond my control, I had to take an ELOA. At the same time, I was having, what turned out to be a problem with an instructor. It was such a problem that she gave me an “F”. I was hurt, and confused because just three months prior, I had made the Presidents List, and since that is based on academic performance, I just didn’t understand. It seemed I had a lot to think about while I was on my LOA.
In January of 2014, I prepared to return to classes after yet again, having suffered a personal loss. I couldn’t let that get me down, I had a lot of work to do in order to get back to where I was before. I especially had a lot of studying to do. The “F” I received before I left just wasn’t sitting well with me, and I intended on making sure it never happened again. During my absence, AUO had decided to pick up the tab for me on that class that I had failed. Not sure why they chose to do what they did, but I am exceedingly grateful. With the help of my professors, and their continuing patience with the barrage of questions I continuously ask, I am moving forward again. Thus far I have learned that there is still have so much more that I want to learn. They say knowledge is power, and if that truly is the case, I am not only resilient, I am powerful.

Thanks to the AUO, their Professors, and Instructors, I am still here, and still continuing to meet some of the best human beings in this world. They have helped me regain my faith in humanity, and in myself, and they have truly helped me to understand that I really am the master of my own destiny.

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