My Personal Statement And Study Plan

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My name is Andrew Tan Fu Sing and I am from Selangor, the second largest capital city of Malaysia. I spent twenty-three years, or all of my life here, going to school and college, later attending university. My main speaking language is Cantonese and English, however, I am also fluent in Mandarin and Malay, as these languages are among the essential needs in assimilating into a multi-ethnic country like Malaysia. I graduated from Monash University in 2012 with a Bachelors in Arts Degree, majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism.

Ever since I was young, I always adored cartoons. My earliest memory of this would be forcing myself to wake up every Saturday and Sunday early morning, just to tune in the weekly marathons of morning cartoons on the television. I enjoy watching just any kind of cartoons, not just for ...view middle of the document...

However, as the years went by along with peer pressure among competitors and the lack of confidence in my own art skills, I began to lose confidence in pursuing this field and thus ended up with a different course of direction in education.

Throughout my years of my university studies, I was constantly struggling throughout the course, mainly due to incompatible interest in the course itself. In the middle of 2010, I found

myself significantly more interested in Cartoon Animations instead. It went towards a point of interest that I would spend enormous amounts of time during my degree program to try and learn the fundamentals of Cartoon Animations myself without going through any proper educational structures. Since then, I have actively participated in animation making for independent musicians’ music videos, storyboarding for animations, character designs and web designs for online personas. Now that I have graduated from my degree, I am determined to pursue my dream and also extend my knowledge in advance fundamentals by furthering my studies in Masters in Cartoon Animations.

My ultimate goal of studying in the Master Degree program at Cheongju University is to be an Animation Scholar and an Animator. Cheongju University’s strategic location, reputation and the variety of interesting courses available to postgraduates has also played its role in my decision making. Besides that, South Korea being the fourth largest producer of animation globally, studying in a university closely related to that would greatly assist my dream career in both expanding my knowledge and strengthening my understanding of differences in culture and approach in animations. And by starting my journey with Cheongju’s Korean Language Education Center, I would be able to build a steady path towards the Master Program.

In short, studying at Cheongju University will provide strong resources and connections to help my career. I am looking forward to the opportunity of attending this university and being able to contribute my talents and efforts.

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