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My Professional Experience Essay

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Introduction – Academic Qualifications
I satisfy the entry requirements for this programme .From an academic standpoint, I graduated with an honours Bachelor of Arts degree (Mathematics and Gaeilge) in 2000. I graduated with an Ard Diploma san Oideachas in 2001. I completed both these courses in the National University of Ireland. Galway. I have worked in NUIG since 2005 and it is during this period that I have built up a wealth of relevant experience, which will be of benefit to me in this programme.
Relevant Experience
During my time in the University I have held three administrative positions. The first of these positions was in the Human Resources Office as a payroll and contracts team leader. My time in HR enabled me to learn the workings of the University from an employment, payroll and recruitment point of view. This was extremely benifital to me as it allowed me to see a side of third level education which I had no knowledge of previously. ...view middle of the document...

This position although very different to my previous positions, does enable me to use my experience to benefit the academic staff of the school. As school administrator I am responsible for the return of the school marks and standards, syllabus files, ??????????????????????????? I have gained a wealth of experience in this role as regards the workings of an academic school and the challenges it faces. As school administrator I sit on the majority of the school committees e.g. School Executive committee, student affairs committee, school resource committee, teaching and learning committee, curriculum committee. It is through these committees that I have learnt of the challenges which academic staff face in their roles as teachers. From discussion of module ECTS weighting, to its implementation into the syllabus file, to finding innovative teaching strategies for the future I am constantly learning in this role.
Research Interests
I am a member of school bid to NAIRTL in collaboration with the School of Nursing and Midwifery in UL to create learning objects …….
As I have stated previously I am extremely interested in the field of technology and its use in Education. I believe that the third level sector has merely scratched the surface of the possibilities technology can provide to further improve student engagement and promote active learning. I am extremely interested in second life and how its implementation by our school could enhance all our blended learning programmes in the first instance. As quoted in the National League of Nursing ““Second Life provides a unique and flexible environment for educators interested in distance learning, computer-supported cooperative work,” As second life provides the opportunity to use simulation and enhance experiential learning, it is perfect for the teaching of nurse education. Therefore the research dissertation of the Masters programme which I intend on undertaking is: The introduction of second life to the postgraduate programmes in the School of Nursing and Midwifery.
Conclusion |
The beauty of this programme is that it can be tailored to each student’s interests, simply by choosing the relevant modules. In my case the modules which I am keen to take are …. ….. …. ….

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