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My Reflection Essay

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Action Research Project Reflection

Brenda Ferguson-Calloway
University of Phoenix
EDD 580 - Action Research
Dr. Rick Sterling
January 9, 2011

Action Research Project Reflection
The first question that came to my mind was, “What is an Action Research Project?” An Action Research Project is a project based on the “methodology which has the dual aims of action and research...
* action to bring about change in some community or organization or program
* research to increase understanding on the part of the researcher or the client, or both” (Dick, 1993).
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If my Action Research Project helps someone else in his or her career then that would be wonderful but the main object is to benefit myself. “Action research is essentially done for oneself to improve one’s own practices not for the benefit of others” (Oberg and McCutcheon, 1987). Action research can be used in many different fields of study, not just in the field of education. Action research plays an important role in the corporate world when the researcher uses the data that he or she has collected and uses it to get ahead.
The main steps of research for an Action Research Project are:
* Writing the expected results of your research.
* Writing the personal statement.
* Implementing the project.
Sometimes, I became very stressed as I worked on my Action Research Project because I did not understand some of the steps. I learned that in order to write an Action Research Project, the writer must do a great deal of research on the topic that he or she is considering. The writer must make sure that there is enough information on the internet to make the topic researchable. The writer should also make sure that the topic, that he or she has chosen, is interesting enough that someone would want to continue the research to acquire more information in the future.
If I had the opportunity to do things all over again, I would definitely do some things differently. First of all, I would choose a topic that was based more on academics instead of academics and community-related. I would start as early as possible with my research so I would have ample time to complete my Action Research Project without “burning the midnight oil”. I would, then, take some time to plan and plan again of how I want the outcome to be. Without a solid plan, it is almost impossible to succeed at anything. I will plan, research, plan some more and then put my plan into action. “The main task when writing research project proposals is to persuade the reader of something which you think is important” (, 2008).
To the students who are getting ready to start their Action Research Project, I would tell them to think really hard on the topic and talk to others who have written an Action Research Project before making a final decision on what he or she will research. I would also recommend that the researcher choose an academic related topic so the Action Research Project can be implemented in the classroom. Lastly, I would tell the researcher to make sure that he or she spends a great deal of time planning before...

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