My Relationship With Reading And Writing

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My Relationship with Reading and Writing
Different individuals have their own personal opinions on literature and as for me, I have my personalized outlook about this topic as well. Words can be found everywhere in life. From math to science, letters are integrated and words are used for explanation. No matter what language the texts are written in, an idea is being communicated thus, I believe that reading and writing is one important part of living, learning and socialization. In the case for English however, I feel that my interest and ability to express may vary in regards to the subject matter being discussed.
Reading and writing may become one’s hobby or leisure but unfortunately, only reading can interest me. I truly do enjoy reading but only to ...view middle of the document...

However, there are times when I am enthused or inspired to write resulting great pieces of reports or creative stories but it will take a great deal of effort, spirit and time.
Many of my approaches towards reading and writing are purely based in interest. If I do not feel connected or fascinated by the literature, I will simply discontinue my reading or write poorly. Many unfinished books and bad marks may be resulted from this trait. I am not proud of this but if I do feel interested, I can finish a book in a few days of time and write meaningful articles. My ability for reading and writing are all affected by my own interest but stress will play a part as well in the case for assignments and projects.
When writing literary items, I am open to new concepts because I know my position as a writer. My articles are not the best and it is also not my most gifted subject; therefore I need to improve my skills. I am aware of the importance in literacy because it is something we come in contact with daily. A fair amount of time would be needed in enhancing my writing ability but I know that in the time to come, it will be something that I will utilize a lot. I wish to become a doctor specializing in food and nutrient sciences so writing reports and explanation articles will be a daily requirement. The amount of time that will be needed for building my writing potential will be worth it.
Reading and writing may not always be one of my ace subjects but at least I am conscious of my abilities. In the century known for communication, reading and writing is one of the most demanded skills to an individual. I may not like it or enjoy reading or writing but I am still willing to learn. Knowing my stance in this matter, improvement is the only path for me.

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