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My Return To School Essay

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My Return to School

English 121

Russell Evatt

October 22, 2012

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Changing my lifestyle was something I had to do in order for me to become successful with my return to school. I actually moved from Ohio, to California, to get away from things that caused many of my distractions throughout my life. After, I made the “BIG” move things have been going in the right direction for me and I have progressed in many aspects. I believe realizing how important it was for me to change my process of thinking and how my surroundings were affecting my success has brought nothing but joy into my life. Deciding to move away from it all has given me the strength I needed start my rebuilding process from the foundation up.


It took me awhile to figure out my identity after being in such a horrible place in my life and not realizing how much I had affected myself. Throughout, it all I had to finally face the facts that obstacles were being thrown at me every given chance and I needed help. However, I have made the righteous decision...

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