My Sentiments For 2015 Essay

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We sent off 2014 in the midst of disasters and ushered in the New Year that is full of crises. I am sure many of you are like me, uncertain and fidgety about what is in store for us in the near and distant future.
At this moment, I am beside myself with ambivalent feelings. A part of me is feeling helpless about the vulnerability of human lives, and the other part of me is grateful that I am still alive like many other fortunate ones. Last year, some of my relatives and friends succumbed to cancer, and their passing makes me realize how weak we are in the face of illnesses, wars and disasters.
There is no doubt that human has made great strides in science and technology. However innovative our inventions are, they can do very little in ...view middle of the document...

The sight of my parents’ greying hair sends a stab of guilt through my heart. They are getting old but I have always been up to mischief and made them worry about me. Day in and day out, they work around the clock to make sure that I am well-clothed, well-fed and have a good education. One rainy Sunday last year, after berating me for watching too much television, my mother launched into a coughing fit that raked her body. I had a sudden urge to hug her and say sorry but my stubborn - self did not dispose me to do so. I felt bad and could not sleep well that night. Papa, Mama, forgive me for having caused you a lot of trouble, and in this New Year, I promise to turn over a new leaf by being a better child. I will study hard and make both of you proud of me.
‘What kind of attitude should we have in 2015?’ I asked Uncle David, my mother’s eldest brother. ‘It doesn’t seem to augur well for me.’
‘Be optimistic,’ said Uncle David, stressing every word with conviction.
Yes, in this problem-riddled world, the only way to survive is to stay optimistic. It enables us to look at things with a broader perspective. After all, problems are man-made and there is always a solution to each and every one of them. ‘We should not face problems with dread,’ went on Uncle David. ‘The more problems we have, the stronger our minds are. It is important to take every problem as a lesson to better ourselves. Without problems, we are self-complacent and cannot grow spiritually.’ ‘Does it mean that I should have a strong faith in the Almighty?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ Uncle David answered in the affirmative. ‘God opens your mind’s eye to the realm beyond your imagination. In his faith you will not lose your bearings and footing.’

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