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My Thought On The Scralet Letter

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Tragic Lovers, Tragic Love
--Book Report of The Scarlet Letter
It seems to be generally agreed that girls’ preferences are different from boys’. Or at least, it applies to most boys and girls. So the book I choose for the second book report is still a little bit girlish to some extent – The Scarlet Letter. It’s about a tragic love story of a woman in New England in the 17th century.
The author of the book, Nathaniel Hawthorne, was an American novelist who had made a great contribution to the Romantic Movement and, more specifically, Dark Romanticism. In addition, he was also an elite psychologist. These two identities made his novels and tales a kind of penetrating ...view middle of the document...

And the answer is that, the book didn’t let me done.
The story took place in 17th century Boston, Massachusetts during the summer. The heroine of the novel, Hester Prynne, was condemned to wear a scarlet letter “A” on her breast for life. The letter “A” symbolized the sin and the act of adultery that she had committed. Because of the badge of shame, she was scorned as a transgressor of religion and a culprit of sanctity. She lived a life fighting with hardship and distain. She supported herself by working as a seamstress and brought up the child who was considered to be the production of the evil adultery on her own. However, from the beginning to the end, she refused to identify her child’s father.
Compared to the anguish Hester Prynne experienced, the young minister named Arthur Dimmesdale suffered even more. Because he was exactly the other part of the adultery. Although he hadn’t been punished by the code yet, the ugly secret tortured him everyday, and he felt hell-fired painful and shameful deep in his heart. Faced to the public, he should act as a saint. But in fact, he knew himself was totally a devil. So he took penance in private, tormenting himself physically and psychologically.
Hester’s husband was furious about his wife’s betray, so he determined take revenge. The old man got suspicious of the young minister, and he got closed to him on purpose as a physician who could take care of the young minister round the clock. Finally, he found the hidden mystery. Hester was aware that now that her despicable husband had discovered the truth, he would reveal his identity to the worshipful magistrate and the governor. She arranged an encounter with Dimmesdale in the forest, and there they made a plan of fleeing to Europe and living there as a family. The day before the ship was to sail, the townspeople gather for a holiday put on in honor of an election and Dimmesdale preached his most eloquent sermon ever. The unexpected thing was that after his sermon, he approached to his lover and his daughter on the scaffold and confessed the scandal publicly, exposing the mark supposedly seared into the flesh of his chest. After that, he died in front of the multitude, with a flush of triumph.
Frustrated in his revenge, Hester’s husband died a year latter. Hester and pearl went out of people’s sight for dozens of years. Many years latter, Hester came back alone, still wearing the scarlet letter. The two dead bodies of Hester and her lover were buried closely after Hester’s death, with a tombstone served for both.
In fact, the novel excluded even the representation of the passionate moment which enabled the entire novel. This kind of literary form made readers to draw clues from dozens of conversions listed in the novel and reconstruct the scene which happened seven years ago before the main body of the book by readers themselves. The author focused his writing on the mental activities of the characters and gave vivid...

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