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Most people in the state of Madhya Pradesh lead their lives on a slow and easy pace. Not many parts of the state can be exactly called developed and most of the areas of the state are inhabited by tribal People. There are in all 45 districts and 23 of them are primarily tribal dominated. But rest of the district are developed enough to compensate and help the state keep up with time. Apart from the tribal community, people of Hindu religion form the remaining portion of the population. You will also find small number of Parsis, Jains and Muslims here. The geographical aspect of the region has been a prominent decider on the distribution of communities in the state. The tribes that have been living in the state from olden times have been living in the shelter of Vindhyas. Thus making them ...view middle of the document...

Some tribes have slowly moved to the outskirts of the developed areas to find more rewarding profession. They generally work in shops, as street hawkers or as factory workers.
Customs and Traditions
There customs and traditions are also quite different. The most prominent being the custom of Ghotul. This ritual is for unmarried boys and girls of Muria tribe. The Ghotul is a kind of a hut or a group of huts where these young kids gather after sunsets. Here they are taught about the moral values and discipline that one should have. They also indulge in many fun activities that also turn out to be educational. This has become an important tool in shaping the lives of people of Muria tribe. Many tribes follow the Hindu rituals for performing marriage, death and birth ceremonies but there are many who still follow traditional methods. For marriage, tribes like Bhils and Bhilalas have a very peculiar method. People choose their spouse in a festival fair called Bhagoriya. If both girl and boy are willing for the marriage, they elope and are afterwards are accepted as husband and wife.
Traditional Costume of Pople of M.P
The dressing style of people in the state differs drastically in various regions. Major population in Madhya Pardesh wears dhoti. You will find people wearing a head gear throughout the state. In eastern part of the state, a cloth called Safa is used whereas a turban is used in the western parts of the state. A jacket called Bandi is also worn by the people of this state. Mostly all their clothes are vibrantly colored and give a pleasant feel to their outlook.
These people do live in a very subdued environment with not much social development around them. But they are excessively developed in their hearts. The people are warm, caring, and very welcoming. For someone who is used to living in the fast and modern cities, their lifestyle will seem very different but it will also be a new experience and a new lesson to know that life at this pace is more beautiful.

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