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My Wonderful Brother Essay

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My Wonderful Brother!
Adriana Radic

Sarah’s brother, Stefan, has made a huge and dramatic change in both Sarah’s , and her family’s life. When Sarah’s brother was only eight, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They couldn’t believe it, it was like someone stabbed each of the family members in the heart. He was riding his bike from his friends house. He was almost on their driveway when all of a sudden, he’s on the ground in excruciating pain. Sarah’s family thought that he had fallen off because one of his shoe laces had gotten caught in the gears. Then he screamed out, “HELP ME!” He couldn’t feel his legs, nor could he move them. Then Sarah’s parents took ...view middle of the document...

” She felt nauseous and she felt like she was going to faint at the same time. It was not a very good feeling. After the paramedics left our house, they drove Sarah’s brother to the McMaster Hospital in Hamilton. When he got there, he was rushed to a room and was seen by a doctor. He was headed for his scheduled M.R.I. after the seeing of the doctor. The doctors had thought that he had bleeding in his brain because of the way that he had fallen off of his bike. The results from the M.R.I. came back saying that he didn’t have bleeding in his head, but
that he had a brain tumor instead! That night he was rushed to Sick Kids
Hospital in Toronto! Two days after he had arrived to Sick Kids, he was
scheduled for his surgery. He had the surgery and they said it was very
successful and that they were 100% sure they had removed everything.
Sarah and her family were also very positive because he was doing so well after his surgery. He had to go for chemo and radiation which wasn’t very successful, because the tumor had come back in the exact same spot. Only bigger! He had lost all of his hair from the chemo and the radiation. Stefan didn’t care if he had hair or not. He said, “It’s just hair, it’ll grow back!” He had another surgery, and yet again they said that they were 100% they removed everything. So he went for chemo and radiation again. It came back a year later and it was even bigger than the second time! They did surgery and he went for chemo and radiation after he had already started getting some hair. He lost all of it again. Sarah thought this was going to be the very last time. Once more he had a tumor in the exact same spot except this time it was as big as a baseball!! It was really aggressive this time and they said that it would be difficult to operate on this time. The doctors said that if they did the surgery, he would be a vegetable for...

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