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My Worst Night Mares Essay

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MY WORST NIGHT MARESHave you ever had dream when you sleep? Is it bad or sweet dream? Did you know meaning of dream? Dream are sucessions of images , ideas , emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. I myself have experienced the nightmare I will never forget the knick indefinitely.In term of psychology dream is defined as manifestations of our deepest desires and anxieties , often relating to repressed childhood memories .I still remembered that dream . In that dream, I was left at one empty room alone. I was lying on the bed with-all-green- clothes. I;m trying to find a way out of there. I tried opening the door but failed becaused it was locked. I panicked,I tried to call anyone who can help me but no reply. I try to be calm and all of a sudden the ...view middle of the document...

There's nothing to laugh himself , some jumping , crying and other ills of strange and frightening. I feel quite depressed with the situation . I sat alone in a corner, trying to think rationally to everything that is happening. a woman dressed in white came up to me and try to talk to me. he finally explained to me what happened exactly. I entered because I say attempted suicide. I was very surprised by the explanation. I can not accept that fact. I lost control. the woman ordered several men to hold me back I be sedated.I'm surrounded by a group of doctors. one of them ordered that I be treated electrostatic. I tried struggling struggled but failed. I was given the treatment. My body feels the pain felt shaking to the bone. I continue to be treated until they are satisfied. My condition is getting weaker. I can only pray and hope that all this will be over quickly. I headed to bed to rest. I think it's over. however, I continue to be crowded by a group of people who behave strangely. they continue to hurt me.I was only able to drain the tears and just flashed in my mind I wanted to return to the bosom of my family. I closed my eyes, praying and hoping that everything is back as usual. after a few when I opened my eyes I find it all changed. no more empty booths, no more man dressed in white, no longer human beings behave complicated. no longer green clothing on the body me.I feel very happy when I was on my own out beds. I am grateful for his deep all over. how grateful I am when it all just a dream only. That's the worst nightmare I've ever experienced. I hope I'm not going through it again though in a dream. I admit that there are some real word that the father of psychology Sigmund Freud said that the real content of the dream, or rather the images and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content or unconscious desire dream.

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