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Mysterious Benedict Society Analysis

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Book Analysis
Have you ever doubted yourself? In novel The Mysterious Benedict Society written by Trenton Lee Stewart, Reynie, who is an orphan living at the Stonetown Orphanage, learns that no matter what, he has to believe in himself. In the beginning, Reynie walks to a building called Monk Building on Third Street in a small city called Stonetown to take a test that offers special opportunities. Test after test, Reynie answers every single question correct, and figures out every challenge and puzzle he faces. Along the way, he meets Kate Wetherall who was abandoned by her father when she was two, Sticky (A.K.A. George) Washington, who is a runaway. Soon, they meet one final challenge; ...view middle of the document...

She disables The Whisperer by confusing it by shouting “NO! Shut up! I don’t care!” until it cannot operate. The children find out that Mr.Curtain is narcoleptic, and manage to make him so angry that he falls asleep. Milligan soon arrives with a tranquilizer gun and helps the children escort Mr.Curtain away, but he soon escapes with some of his allies to some unknown place. Mr.Benedict, Rhonda, and Number Two join them. Milligan regains his memory, and realizes that Kate is his daughter. Sticky gets reunited with his family. Reynie gets adopted by his tutor, and Constance gets adopted by Mr.Benedict; almost a perfect ending. However, Trenton Lee Stewart uses setting, mood, and climax in the story to add detail and flair.
The Mysterious Benedict Society begins in a city called Stonetown at about 12:30 in early autumn, although the setting changes as the main characters travel to the L.I.V.E. and the time changes. Throughout the story, Trenton Lee Stewart includes several descriptions of the main setting. For example, on page 67, Stewart describes Mr.Benedict’s dining room as “a cozy dining room with crowded bookshelves on every wall and a window overlooking the courtyard.”. On page 148, Stewart includes a description of Nomansan Island, where L.I.V.E. is. Stewart describes the shore as a “jagged rock itself, with only the occasional spot of sand…the currents in the surrounding water were unpredictable…”. On page 149, Trenton Lee Stewart describes the Institute as “an arrangement of massive gray buildings, a broad plaza, and a slender tower that resembled a lighthouse, all of which appeared to be built entirely of stone.”. The setting of this novel greatly influences how the events play out, but the mood of the story is equally important.
Although the setting of this novel is very important to the message of the story, the mood of this story is very important as well. For example, the beginning of the story is rather sad, because it tells how Reynie is an orphan, and he feels like he is an oddball as he is thinking on page 10 “I really am an oddball…”. However, when Reynie is at the Institute, he happily thinks about his tutor, Miss Perumal, who acted almost like his mother during his time at the orphanage. Reynie thinks about her on page 206 “…it soothed Reynie to think of Miss Perumal…cheered him up…” this sentence shows that the mood of the story can’t be so upbeat if Reynie needs cheering up, but also shows that Reynie can find happiness in his memories. Sticky, however, feels more fear than sadness on page 208 “’ No… I keep imagining Mr.Curtain chasing me down…”. Nearing the climax of the story, Mr.Curtain certainly feels almost nothing but rage towards children. “’Snakes and dogs!’ growled Mr.Curtain…”. However, at the end of the book when the children decided to go back to Mr.Benedict’s home for a celebration of Constance’s birthday, and this is when the book finally lightens up! All of the...

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