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Naked Juice Brand Profile Essay

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Andrew Czupta
Final Project
Brand Profile: Naked Juice

Brand Name: Naked Juice

Naked Juice Company engages in the manufacture and distribution of juices and fruit smoothies in the United States. It offers juices, juice smoothies, and protein smoothies. Naked Juice sells its nutritional product line through supermarkets, club stores, health food stores, and neighborhood markets. It also operates stores in Los Angeles, California. The company, formerly known as Ultimate Juice Company, was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Azusa, California. As of January 5, 2007, Naked Juice Company is a subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. The overall beverage industry’s growth rate is at 2.6 percent ...view middle of the document...

Brand Reputation: “Naked Juice has grown really by sticking to who we are,” says Adam Carr, Naked Juice’s general manager. “Naked Juice is brand that strongly resonates with consumers. We are all about 100 percent juice and using the best bare naked fruit in all of our products.”

Brand Price: During November of 2006 Naked Juice Company was sold to PepsiCo at a little over 350 million dollars. The company will be added to its Tropicana division’s portfolio of brands, and it will be designated as one of Pepsi’s healthy-food offerings. This can help Naked in finding better places for sale. With an average price of $3.00 per bottle of juice Naked makes 25 drinks and has annual sales of more than $150 million. (Ceibs 2005)

Brand Core Value: If competition lowered its price, consumers would still purchase Naked brands because of brand loyalty and brand quality. They are loyal to the Naked Brand because Naked Juice has proven to be of value to the consumer. It always tastes good and makes a point of tasting better than generic brands.

Brands Primary competitors: Naked Juice’s main competitor within the super-premium juice category is Odwalla, which is owned by Coca cola, PepsiCos competitors. . Other Naked competitors include Hansen’s Natural and Bolthouse Farms.

Brand Logo:
Tag: “Nothing to Hide”

Brand Design & Packaging: Naked is the fist nationally distributed brand to utilize 100 percent recycled bottles. (ReNEWabottle) Which they estimate will reduce Virgin Plastic Consumption By 8.1 Million Pounds Per Year. Simpler and consistent design architecture that organizes amplifies and clarifies Naked’s shelf impact, differentiation and key benefits. Clear space surrounding the Naked logo gives it more eye-catching pop, while the “All Natural” and “All Natural Fruit + Boost” descriptors integrate with the logo for an easier, faster read.

Consumer Buying Behavior: Initially, when Naked Juice first started selling their product, it was geared toward the younger generation at the beach. However, now the Juice is sold nationwide and its target market is changing. Based on research and recent trends, our key consumers for Naked Juice are middle class mothers ages 28‐45 and their kid’s 6‐12. Mothers area always trying to stay fit and at the same time can keep there kids on top of their daily vitamins. With advertisements say “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” Make people want to stay healthy.

Product Distribution: Its products are sold throughout the US at health food stores and neighborhood markets, as well as major food retailers and club stores. Naked Juices are also available in Canada and the UK. Customers include Costco, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, and Whole Foods Market.

Brand Customer Satisfaction/Warranties: Naked Juice doesn’t offer any specific satisfaction or warranties. Naked Juice prides itself on making sure that their products are perfect for their consumers to purchase so no warranty is necessary....

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