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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was a very bright historical person. Napoleon was not only a great military leader, but an Emperor of the French. He had a mysterious and interesting personality. His biography is interesting not only for historians, but also for the common people. Why did Napoleon become so successful? How did he become an Emperor? Why did he die?

Napoleon Bonaparte
He was born on the 15th of August 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. He died on the 5th of May 1821 (aged 51) He was one of the greatest generals in history.

Napoleon was born in France, on an island called Corsica in Ajaccio, on the 15th of August 1769. When he was a small boy, he dreamed of adventures; ...view middle of the document...

While going to Italy, Napoleon’s army was in such a condition that they were looking more like a gathering of beggars. Napoleon made ​​it clear to everyone that he will not tolerate any resistance to him. He decided to tell his hungry and undressed soldiers a direct, realistic indication of the benefits awaiting them in Italy:
You are poorly clothed, poorly fed. The government owes you a lot, it cannot give you anything! Your patience, the courage that you show in the middle of the hardships, is admirable, but they provide no glory, no acclaim for you. I want to bring you to the most fertile plains in the world! Rich provinces, major cities will be in your power, you will find honor, glory and riches ... Soldiers of the Army of Italy... are you lacking in courage and constancy? “– Napoleon

Italy was soon conquered by Napoleon and his army, but Napoleon started thinking of conquering Egypt…
“We’ll need to conquer Egypt to defeat England.”- said Napoleon and began preparing his army to go to Egypt.

The conquering of Egypt

On the 19th of March 1798, Napoleon’s army headed off to Egypt. He hoped to weaken Britain by cutting its trade routes to India.
When Napoleon’s army reached to Malta, Napoleon needed to make a rest for his army, so he decided to let his army stay in Malta for a limited time. But people of Malta refused to let them in. But Napoleon wouldn’t give up; he decided to take Malta by force. He and his army have done that successfully and fast.
On the 1st of July, Napoleon’s army disembarked in Alexandria, Egypt.
In a few hours of shooting, Napoleon invaded Alexandria.
He assured the Arabs that he respects the Koran and their religion, but recommended the people to be obedient to him, otherwise he threatened them with a ‘brutal punishment’. He gave orders to rob and burn down villages, which made the Arabs scare even more…
After invading Alexandria, Napoleon invaded Cairo and soon, the whole country.
Soon, creating a new political regime in the conquered country, Napoleon began to prepare for the following campaign- the invasion of Syria…
French campaign in Syria

The campaign to Syria was extremely difficult due to the lack of water. Town by town,
Napoleon with his army invaded the cities of Syria, starting from El-Arish.
This way, they came to The fortress of Acre, Syria.
The campaign was unsuccessful for Napoleon; he only invaded a small bit of Syria, he couldn’t get further than Acre. As soon as he faced this misfortune, he and his army headed to Cairo.
On the 25th of July, they were in Cairo.
* * *
Reading a newspaper in Cairo, Napoleon occasionally finds out shocking news; Britain, Russia and Austria declared a war against France while Napoleon tried to conquer Egypt and that Suvorov, general from Russia, invaded Italy and is now heading towards the Alps, threatening to invade France.
“Italy lost”- thought Napoleon, and on the 23rdof...

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