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Narrative Essay

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Sometimes it takes something terrible to realize what is important in life. Being in the military constantly raises questions in my mind. “Why do we have to sacrifice being away from our love ones” or “Do we really need to protect anyone else than our own”.
It was 6:00 AM on a Monday morning. Everything was normal; I wake up, lace up my boots and go to work as a military food specialist. As I was driving to work my cell phone started to ring. I answered and on the other line was our 1st Sergeant; “Rommel I’m going to need you to come see me in my office for possible re-assignment”. At that point I thought he had a last minute tasking for me to go deploy to one of the countries in the ...view middle of the document...

Days went by and I started getting proficient on my new job. Since there were no real incident, learning the job was a breeze. I go to work, sit in the office and type up make believe itineraries. Everything was going smooth until my trainer and I got a phone call from our Command Post; “Sir, there will be a dignified transfer mission taking place at 4:30 PM” he exclaimed. Both of us immediately jumped up our seats and started the General Officers itinerary. We called the lodging office to make reservations for the family of the deceased, set-up the Generals Officer’s lounge and made sure proper arrangements were made at the chapel.
As the clock moved closer to 4:30 PM, everything was in order and everyone was in place. Everything was a breeze up to that point, until the family of the deceased stepped out of the bus. The spouse, the children and the parents were all in tears and still in a state of disbelief. They still can’t believe that their 20 year old son/spouse has been killed in the line of duty while in the Middle East. As I glanced at them I can’t help but feel their sorrow. The General Officer offered his condolences and tried to comfort everyone. But what do you really say to someone who just lost a loved one?
It was close to 4:45 PM when they all headed to the chapel for the ceremonial mass. All the parties headed there while my partner and I stayed behind to wait for the plane transporting the remains. After waiting for about 30 minutes, the loudspeaker in the terminal began...

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