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Narrative Essay: The Car Accident This Is A Personal Narrative I Wrote For My English 101 Class

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Learning something new can be a very scary experience. Of course I think I can discover and have discovered something original from every incident in my life, but sometimes I wish there had been easier ways to gain those insights. Sometime in June of the year 2001, when I arrived to the United States from Brazil, my parents and I were welcomed at the airport by this very nice lady whose name was Romy. My dad would be taking Romy's job in a few weeks, and I assume it was her duty to show us around the new town and to get us acquainted with living in Maryland. She took us shopping for basic necessities and soon after that, since we would soon need to move around on our own, we went hunting for ...view middle of the document...

At the time, I was only 15 years old, and I still did not have my driving license. After I acquired my license, I recall almost loosing control of my car once, but I remembered my dad's advice to Romy and was able to prevent an accident. From the accident I have also learned to avoid other distractions, such as talking on the cell phone while driving.
This accident was also meaningful because I learned about the importance of wearing a seat belt. My mom and I were in the back seat, and we had already become very frightened when the car started sliding. We were hoping Romy would be able to control the car and free us of a terrible accident. When I finally realized that our van was going to hit the car in front of us, I remember fiercely holding on to the seat, so the impact of the hit wouldn't be too great. Thankfully, all of us were wearing seat belts and all we had was a couple bruises. With that experience, I have learned how important it is to wear a seat belt regardless the circumstances.
Finally, this accident was meaningful because I learned that I am not supposed to step out of my car whenever an accident happens. As soon as we hit, the driver's air bag opened, and smoke started coming out of somewhere. Being very naive at that time, I didn't realize the smoke was simply coming from the air bag, and started shouting the car was getting on fire. My mom was the closest to the passenger door, but apparently she was a little bit more shook up than I was, so I attempted to climb over her and open the door. That's when I became even more hysterical, because I realized the door wouldn't open. I had a very sudden urge to leave the car, and could not stay in there for one more second. I made sure every one in our car was...

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