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National Conventions Essay

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Dr. Gary Shapley
11 am

Extra Credit: National Conventions

The 2008 National Convention is not only just another convention for the two competing parties to speak their minds, and get that one last word in, but it is the first time an African American president has been nominated for the Democratic Party, and also the oldest president nominated for the Republican Party. I was one of the many U.S. citizens lucky enough to witness such a historic convention unfold right before my eyes.
The first convention was the democratic national convention, with the popular Barrack Obama. Before he took his place in the arena, an emotional video was shown which displayed some personal ...view middle of the document...

Also how HARD it would be to schedule an appointment. He also planned to cut the taxes up to 95% for working families, which to me sounds like an excellent thing to do, but is it even possible? As well as making college more affordable to attend, which I am 100% for! I believe Obama is trying to win the votes of many different types of people, from single mothers, to homosexuals, college students, to the elderly, veterans, people in poverty with no health insurance, and middle class Americans.
John McCain’s republican convention went slightly different then Barracks. It was mostly elderly Caucasian people in his audience vs. Barracks with all these younger diverse supporters. When John’s video came on it gave off a different vibe, which was more patriotic than Obama’s was. It spent a lot of time covering his past as a captured soldier in Vietnam. Also all of his services to the army, and his family’s history serving the service portrayed him and his family as honorable people. This video also displayed many softer sides of him such as being a father of an adopted baby girl, and meeting his wife Cindy. When he came out to make his speech to the tune of ‘Johnny be good’ all the people where applauding him, and when he began to deliver his speech, at first he was really soft spoken, telling his story first hand of being held captive, basically making his story so heart filled, relating to all of...

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