National Football League Players Association Essay

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National Football League Players Association
Jim VanHatten
HRM 531
July 25, 2012
Sandra Akbar

National Football League Players Association
This is a paper discussing the effects of the union on the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). Specifically, four topics will be addressed – the benefits of joining a union, the unionization process, how the union bargains, and the effects union bargaining has on the NFLPA.
NFLPA’s Benefits of Joining a Union
The initial reasons for beginning to unionize were to get paid for playing in exhibition games and filing lawsuits against the NFL. Players were not paid to play in exhibition games. In addition, in 1946, National ...view middle of the document...

This initial group included legendary football names like Don Shula and Frank Gifford. The NFLPA threatened to bring antitrust against the league but were not taken seriously. These threats were ignored by the NFL owners. The owners finally began to take the NFLPA and the threats seriously when the United States Supreme Court ruled on Radovich v. NFL in 1957. The ruling was that the NFL was subject to antitrust laws. Owners quickly realized more lawsuits would follow if players’ rights were denied. Over the years, there have been many threats, lawsuits, lockouts, work stoppages, etc that have lead to the what the NFLPA is today.
Union Bargaining
The NFL and NFLPA participate in collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is defined by as “negotiation between an employer and a labor union usually on wages, hours, and working conditions”. Since the 1950s, there have been numerous collective bargaining agreements. These CBAs have evolved over time as the league has evolved and grown. The first CBAs covered salaries and insurance. Currently, they cover revenue sharing, the length of the season, and retirement benefits to name only a few. These agreements or in some cases, lack of agreements, have lead to lawsuits, lockouts, missed games, and even the infamous “scab” season. During that season in 1987, replacement players played for three weeks in...

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