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National Healthcare Essay

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National Healthcare

The United States is considered to be one of the most powerful nations in the world. It has a very powerful and effective military, vast free market economy, founded on religious freedom, and a strong democracy. Yet, with all of these wonderful things, there is something missing. Millions of Americans lack health insurance. There are many reasons as to why many Americans are unable to get health insurance. Many Americans suffer from pre-existing conditions, they are denied for different reasons, and they simply cannot afford it. There are stories that we can read in the newspaper, which will break out hearts, but I truly believe that national healthcare will have a ...view middle of the document...

Where a decision should be made with the physician and the patient, other factors will come into play, like age and severity of the medical condition. It is going to take away the power from the patient in regards to their personal medical decision making. The decisions that drive health-care costs and quality of care are made by individual patients and their health-care providers. These decisions should not be influenced by universal government mandates, administered pricing systems or expenditure targets, but should instead be based on an adequately informed assessment by individual patients and their providers about the value of services in a particular clinical situation. (O’Shea, 2013)

Another factor to consider is that with a national healthcare program, physicians will be considered government employees. This will reduce competitiveness, where physicians were looking to be the best in their field, they will now have job security and not have to worry if they are the most popular surgeon or not. This may lead future young adults to avoid the medical field completely; who wants to study for such a long period of time to have your salary regulated, and the government determine if an operation is necessary or not? Politics always has some level of corruption. With national healthcare there is likely to be shady dealings and bad deals going on. We always see special interest take precedence in politics, is national healthcare really a place for that? How long before funding/regulatory decisions on certain drugs, treatments, research, etc. are decided based on those who give the most political support, as opposed to which will save lives and improve quality of life? (Messerli, no date) With national healthcare there will be a lower quality in service provided,...

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