National Healthcare System Essay

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National Health Care System

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” Martin Luther King, Jr. A national health care system is a program operated by the government, designed to provide health care for people in need of medical assistance. All industrial nations except the United States have a national health care system that covers everyone. Generally, in the U.S. health care systems are privately funded insurance companies. The U.S. has three forms of governmental health care; Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for lower income families, and the Children‘s Health Insurance Program. The problem with these health care systems is that many ...view middle of the document...

Five out of Ten people are satisfied with the quality of their insurance,” (emphasis mine). Private health systems aid in providing new technology, different plans, education programs for members, and convenient locations around the nation. “Health plans are continually evolving and improving their operations and their relationship with consumers” (Young, interim president of HIAA 2001). Private health insurance’s pay at least one third of health care costs.

There are concerns about forming a national health care system. People are weary of the government having total control, wasting funds and socialized medicine; private systems are viewed as being more “efficient“. There could be long lines and delays in receiving health services? Other nations have had such problems by not considering an increase in population or costs of medical care. Would a national health care system lower health care quality? Are the finances available for everyone in the U.S. to have coverage, it would cost billions of dollars to start the system, who would pay? Starting a national system could cause a decrease in wages that would result in hospitals being under staffed and a loss of jobs. Would doctor patient relationships change? According to the World Medical Association, “doctors should not be forced to participate in a healthcare system. Doctors should be able to practice where they want and be able to treat patients of their choice.”

The government’s Medicare program operates 2 percent less than private systems. They do not have corporate administrative expenses. The current health care system contains uninsured people or corporate insurances which keep cutting back to be more “efficient“. The Congressional Budget Office and the General Accounting Office have conducted studies that prove that the U.S. can provide health care for everyone without additional funds that are already being spent today. The U.S. has more capabilities in technology than the other nations and more available funds. The other nations need only increase their budget to adapt to the needs of healthcare. Socialized medicine is government owned facilities and government employees supervising all health care. Socialized medicine is not part of a national health care system, there would still be private and public sectors of the health care system.
“Contrary to the widely publicized view that government should not be involved in health care, the survey indicates a bipartisan majority of Americans feel the federal government should play an active role in working with the private sector to improve the quality of health care” (The National Coalition on Health Care 2001).

“Our Health care cannot progress without an articulated purpose, a common vision expressed as policy that eliminates ambiguity of purpose, ambivalence towards performance standards, conflicts of principles, and contradictions of goals” (Sultz 1991). Adopting a national system would enable everyone to receive quality...

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