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Nationalism Is A Negative Entity Essay

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Nationalism has many definitions and is a universal entity that can be seen as malevolent or benevolent. Nationalism cannot be limited to one definition because there are far too many aspects of nationalism such as cultural, ethnic, civic, relationship to land, etc. Nationalism can be seen as a double-edged sword which can be used to protect and aid its people. However, this same sword is a weapon; and a weapon’s primary purpose is to inflict harm. Although this double-edged sword is recognized throughout the world, it has never been solely a positive force since its negative side is far more evident. Those that support the source that reads, ‘Nationalism has been a positive force in the ...view middle of the document...

However, although this ended a crumbling hierarchy, it also opened the door for a large amount of new disturbances in the French lifestyle. The ancient regime was destroyed and this new mode de vie was put in place where everyone was seen as equal but this lifestyle was threatening the peace and safety of France by those countries which surrounded France and still followed a similar hierarchy and did not wish to change. When the French revolution took place, the National Convention held executive power in France during the first years of the French First Republic. The National Convention, led by Maximillien Robespierre aimed to declare on those that did not follow this new way of thinking such as Great Britain, Holland and Spain. Through this experience, the French had developed the feeling that they are a distinct society and this has brought pain to Canada, where the French had colonized years later.

Due to contending feelings of nationalism, Canada has become a damaged and divided country. Though the majority of Canada is English, one province, Quebec is a mainly French nation. Quebecois see themselves as a distinct society due to their high European influence and unique language compared to the rest of Canada. This has lead to contending views of whether Quebec really belongs in Canada since it had seemed that the Canadian government did not want Quebec to be a part of it to the Quebecois. There had been many accords to make amends for Quebec to want to remain in Canada but the French were never truly happy with what they were being given. The constant question of what to do about Quebec was never solved which resulted in the formation of the FLQ or the Front de Liberation du Quebec. This was an extremist group of francophone Quebecois that used violence and terror to try and achieve what they wanted. And what they wanted was for Quebec to separate and become its own country. The FLQ used methods such as bombing a railway in 1963, stole approximately $534,000, a gun robbery on August 29, 1964 which resulted in two deaths, the use of explosives, bombing of the shoe factory La Grenade and various riots within Quebec. Though these actions were extreme, they cannot be compared to the severity of the ultranationalists of Germany.
Nationalism may mean that a particular group of people have proud loyalty and a devotion to a nation, but this can lead to the idea that they are physically and mentally superior to other nations which can lead to severe conflicts. This is known as ultra nationalism. After...

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