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Natural And Sexual Selection Essay

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Natural and Sexual Selection

One of the first mechanisms proposed by Charles Darwin was natural selection. Some may refer to this as "survival of the fittest," whereby species that produce offspring have been successful in doing so because they have produced random individual features which have lead them to live longer and pro-create offspring with the same inheritable desired features. Therefore, different desired traits are passed down through generation-to-generation, and those traits which are not so popular will eventually die out. Darwin also proposed a second which tied into the process of natural selection it is sexual selection.
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Intersexual selection involves the females choice in mates. Reason for this being that females generally invest more of their own resources in a single offspring than a male does. Intrasexual involves male to male competition. Intrasexual selection favors large body size, large canine teeth and other weapons that enhance male competitive ability. Intersexual selection favors three different traits in a male. The first trait being increase in the fitness of their mates, the second are traits that indicate good genes that will then create an increased amount of fitness of their offspring, and the last are no adaptive traits that help make males more conspicuous to females. (Boyd and Silk, 2006:178-181)
When it comes to males and females the cost of reproduction and parental investment are different. Our text mentions that effort spent on caring for your offspring is time that could have been spent competing for a prospective mate. Natural selection favors an individual that can allocate their effort among all the competing demands maximizing the survival of...

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