Natural Energy Essay

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Natural Energy

Energy is the ability to perform work, forces, movements, etc ..., we cannot see it, just notice its effects. It happens allowing almost everything in the universe.
When man evolved, he began to use energy in many different ways, most of the time this caused contamination and damage to nature because resources are used in a non-renewable way.
Exploration for and production of petroleum have caused major detrimental impacts to soils, surface and ground waters, and the local ecosystems in the United States. These impacts arise primarily from the improper disposal of large volumes of saline water produced with oil and gas, from accidental hydrocarbon and produced water releases, and from abandoned oil wells that were not correctly ...view middle of the document...

Its advantages are many but among them are two: do not produce polluting wastes and they are inexhaustible.
Within the natural energy are the following types of energy:
Solar energy: Solar energy is guaranteed for the next 6000 million years. The sun is the source of life and origin of other forms of energy that man has used for thousands of years, if we learn how to rationally use the light that it continually sheds on the planet we would be solving one of the greatest problems of our century.

Hydro-power: Hydro-power is called to that obtained from the use of the kinetic and potential flow of rivers, waterfalls or tides. It is another type of natural energy and therefore ecological.

Wind energy: Wind energy is called utility by man of wind energy. Formerly used to propel marine vessels and move grain mills. Today is primarily used to generate clean and safe energy.

Geothermal and tidal: Tidal energy is potential or kinetic energy contained in the oceans. This energy is being developed and is thought to be an energy that could replace fossil fuels, because three quarters of the planet are oceans, so most countries could use it.
Currently they are not used in most cases, taking advantage of their overall chances, even some are being tested in some parts of the world, but in the future, this energy would be likely the one used, especially when the fuel resources we use today deplete irreversibly. Oil is estimated to last 45 years, natural gas 65, and the charcoal 230.
The energies of the future should be of a low environmental impact and renewable so there are not many candidates for this position. It is a race against time to find the "Energy of the Future" and it seems that natural energy is the solution.

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