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Natural Selection


Natural Selection a theory primarily developed by Charles Darwin, but some of it's strict followers are today's sociopaths. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ,the mass murderers of Columbine High School, responsible for killing 13 of their classmates. Eric during the shooting wore a t-shirt with the phrase "Natural Selection" boldly displayed on the front.

Another is Eric Robert Rudolf convicted bomber of abortion clinches, gay bars, and the 1996 Olympics. So what is Natural Selection and what do these people see in it?

Natural Selection was developed by Charles Darwin as a theory that organisms adapt to better suit their changing environment. Over time small behavioral changes begin to form physical ...view middle of the document...

The idea that there could have been prehistoric humans who were anatomically different from us was rejected for similar reasons. Many Christians oppose, successfully, the teaching of Natural Selection in schools.

Now we get to the views of the sociopaths. Eric Harris Dylan Klebold and Eric Rudolf all shared the same belief. The belief that they were right and they were to judge others. Eric stated in this personal journal that "some people are so stupid they deserve to be shot,Â…Â…Â… makes me sick" These individuals used natural selection to justify their homicidal thoughts and actions were in reality Natural Selection doesn't state anywhere it is ok to senselessly kill other people. Natural Selection only pertains to the idea that organisms adapt to better suit a changing environment. In the Oliver Stone movie "Natural Born Killers" Mickey a main character and mass murderer in the film states" Some people are just natural born killers. I have evolved and from where I am standing you aren't a man you're an ape." This is untrue people aren't naturally born to kill, it is a learned behavior and not evolutionally in it's idea. Yes all people in a certain situation will kill but not any more than others. The over aggressive are looking for something to blame their appalling behavior on other than themselves. The film and the ideas it contained were both widely accepted by Eric and Dylan Klebold

The sad truth is today's society is just like all others before it, in the sense there are loners. These loners tend to lash out at the society that created them, rather than join in it.

Maybe the problem isn't with the theory of Natural Selection but the minds that attempt to understand it.

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