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Natural Vegetation Connections Essay

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The regions of vegetation are determined by its climate and soils. In wetter climates the vegetation is different then the drier climates. The vegetation first starts off, as a (dense forest) as it gets drier it turns into (both deciduous and coniferous trees) the to (long grasses) with scattered trees to (tall grasses), to short grasses then all that would be left would be scrubs & cactus. The vegetation will change while the precipitation changes.
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Next would be mixed forest, which contains both deciduous and coniferous. Third comes taiga and boreal forest, which has spruce, pines, hemlock, cedar, etc. Then way in the cool climate there's tundra, which contains grasses, mosses and shrubs.
Most of these trees mentioned grew by natural vegetation, which is where the plants grow without human interference. Natural vegetation is really different then plants people grow.
The tundra is located around the Arctic Circle. Taiga and boreal forest is in, well it almost goes right across most of the provinces. The mixed forest is by New foundland. Deciduous forest is at the niager.
Mixed forest is south of the boreal forest in Canada found in southwestern Ontario full of coniferous and deciduous trees. Some of the trees would be spruce, fir, pine, cedar, and hemlock, maple, beech, ash, oak, and birch. All of these trees named are good excellent resource in the lumbering industry. To this day little of the forest remains in the southern part of the region because of lumbering, farming, urban development and transportation routes. The mixed forest is a transition zone between the boreal forest to north and the deciduous trees can survive in the hot summers and cold winters.

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