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Natural World Responsibility Essay

897 words - 4 pages

Shameka Conway
Professor Kuhta
English 122
11 October 2015
Natural World Responsibility
Natural resources are what we need every day to survive such as air, water and food. Because we rely so heavily on these resources, it is our duty to protect them and ensure they are not depleted. The naturalist’s perception is that we must preserve our resources before they are diminished. The human race will become extinct if our resources are depleted. We obtain our food from plants and animals, our drinking water comes from rivers, and clean air is also needed to breath. If the plants and animals die we no longer have food, and if the rivers dry up we won’t have water. However in today’s world we ...view middle of the document...

Although spiking trees isn’t legal there are other ways we can protect our environment.
While we need natural resources to survive a lot of humans have forgotten such resources even exist. “Industrialism and urbanism have changed all this. One can live and work in a town without being of the daily march of the sun across the sky; without ever seeing the moon and stars.” (Huxley 366). “He is the inhabitant of an artificial universe that is, to a great extent, walled off from the world of nature.” (Huxley 366). With the advancement of technology, it is easy to forget or overlook nature’s gifts. For example kids today don’t know the joys of going outside and playing in the nearby creek or drawing the initials of their first crush in the tree at the local park. Instead children spend their days playing on computers or in front of a television.
We have been blindsided by present day in relation to our natural resources. Today’s world revolves around money. Today survival is defined by the money we have and the way we make a living. Money is the motivation in today’s society. “If it don’t make dollaz, it don’t make sense.” (DJ Quik). With this mindset, it is easy to forget about necessities such as clean air and water. “We have a new consciousness; but it has been purchased at the expense of the old consciousness.” (Huxley 366). Adults spend their days working hard at the office or enjoying a cold beer watching Sunday football. We have little remembrance of how it feels to sit on the porch and...

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