Nature Is The Strongest Force; We Can Not Tame It

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Over time nature has caused damage and destruction in many ways. These include storms, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, bush fires, earthquakes, droughts, landslides, blizzards, etc, etc. Most of these cause immense damage which we, as humans, are unable to hinder. As a result, many people usually lose valuable possessions and, sometimes, loved ones during these times.
Many communities were devastated by events like these over the past couple of months. The three events that were most disastrous were the "Black Christmas" bush fires, the recent torrential rains in the Sydney and Illawarra regions, and Cyclone Chris, which swept through the northwest of Western Australia. All three of these major ...view middle of the document...

Towards the start of February, torrential rains stuck the Sydney and Illawarra regions. During these rains, winds were recorded to be up to 100km/h. The combined effect of the wind and rain caused many trees to be uprooted and fall on family homes, causing immense damage. The S.E.S. received many calls for help most of which were from the Sutherland and Lower Hunter regions. The NRMA also received more than 13,000 calls, which was more than triple the normal amount. Many farmers in the west of Sydney have been swamped, literally, by the rains, causing them to lose the majority of their crops. Unfortunately the rains have claimed 2 lives. The 2 people were killed when one collided with a Ute while he was driving his van near Toronto, and the other when her car collided with a four-wheel drive on Castle Hill Road in Castle Hill. In other accidents, three people were taken to hospital after a 15 car pile-up on the Mooney Mooney bridge over the F3 and two woman were severely injured when a tree crashed through their roof. Somehow, a baby boy escaped being injured at all.
On February 6th, 2002, Cyclone Chris beat the...

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