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Nature Vs. Nurture: Athletics Essay

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Born to Play or Born to be a Player
Is somebody born to be a great athlete or are they trained. This question has been asked many time but who really know the answer. I believe that it's a combination of both; you can't be great if you don't practice. Your family may have a line of amazing athletes but if you don't work on your skills they deteriorate.
Begin born as an amazing athlete is possible but is not likely. If you've had the blessing of a family with a good athletic background you very likely can be a great competitor. The people who are said to be born for a sport means that they are built to eventually become a good player. Begin born to play the sport and being born a player are very different things. Many people ...view middle of the document...

The skill will not become great over night but must be practiced over and over again to achieve greatness.
A player is born through sheer luck or genetics. When the person participates in the sport for the first time they will be able to compete with highly skilled people. They will need little practice to attain a spotlight amongst other competitors. Born players can also be called naturals. This is because obviously they have cretin natural grace to a sport that takes most people years to obtain. I believe that genetics has a lot to do with this mgnificant gift too.
A different factor in this topic is environment. This also goes along with booth being born a player and begin born to play. Somebody's parents or guardians must encourage their children in what they do. Guardians must also congratulate their children in their accomplishments in what ever sport they compete in. Guardians may not even have to directly introduce their children to a sport. If a guardian gets extremely excited when watching a sporting event, a child most often will realize this excitement and will try to become a part of this excitement and show how well of a competitor they can be at this sport.
All in all whether being born to pay or being born to become a player must fine tune their skills to truly become a phenomenal competitor in what ever they do. I believe that your environment has a very large part in this play to whether or not someone will ever succeed in something. I also believe that every body is born to be great at something and the true challenge in life is to find this one particular skill and fine tune it to its highest ability.


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