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Nature Vs Nurture Research Proposal Essay

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Working Title: Nature VS Nurture – A Study of Criminal Behaviour

Subject and Background:
In this research paper, the researcher will analyze the ongoing and historical debate on whether human behaviour is reliant on one’s environment, as opposed to it being pre-determined by one’s heritable biological genes. The nature vs nurture debate dates back to the 19th century. Sigmund Frued – the father of psychoanalysis – stated in his psychodynamic theory that human behaviour is propelled by thoughts and feelings that lie in our subconscious mind (Daritty, 210), favouring nature. Empiricists such as Sigmund Freud argue that human behaviour is a result of one’s life experiences ...view middle of the document...

Powledge suggest a more environmental approach, where nurture shapes nature. Theorists such as K.S. Kendler highlight that environmental factors play a rather direct role in the functioning of the personality system. Cross cultural studies, comparative studies and studies of parental influences have shown that personality traits are products of life experience and trigger the information stored in human biology.
Knowledge Deficit
A vast number of scholars have analyzed, criticized and debated about the nature and nurture controversy. Various comparative studies such as cross cultural studies, comparative studies, and twin studies is used to differentiate the roles of innate abilities and learned behaviour. However, critical attention has neglected telomere and nucleoprotein studies and research on hemodynamics is also linked to examining the role of environmental and hereditary factors in one’s psychological development.
Originality of Project
I propose a comparative literary study in which I will attempt to examine the roles of physiological and biological factors with those of high environmental adversity on criminological behaviours. I will compare studies and research data from scholars such as Baschetti Riccardo, Lagoa A. Santos, Pamela R. Perez, Anne-Kathrin Wertmer, and Andreas Reif in order to demonstrate the significance of gene variation and hereditary on human thoughts and processes. In addition, I will be examining theoretical articles and research carried out by K.S. Kendler, Leslie Knowlton, Kathleen M. Hide and Tabitha M. Powledge to scrutinize the role of an individual’s personal experiences in shaping their personality. Though similar comparisons have been made by numerous scholars, a clear side by side comparison of the two concepts will allow a new perspective on the question whether criminal behaviours are caused as a result of uncontrollable genetic factors, without much choice of the individual committing the crime, or due to an individual’s experiences and hardships leading to a desire to inflict harm on others.
My study aims to find the correlation between the dynamics of neuropsychology, and to the influence of...

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