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Nba: Competing On Global Delivery With Akamai Os Streaming

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Jean-François Martin

AU G U S T 2 013

b u s i n e s s

t e c h n o l o g y

o f f i c e

Bullish on digital:
McKinsey Global Survey results
CEOs and other senior executives are increasingly engaged as their
companies step up efforts to build digital enterprises.

Brad Brown,
Johnson Sikes,
and Paul Willmott

As businesses continue to embrace digital tools

their digital goals. We found that despite the

and technologies—especially when engaging

organizational and talent challenges, executives

with customers—C-level executives in a recent

remain optimistic about digital business.

McKinsey survey say they are stepping up their

own involvement in ...view middle of the document...

critical to seeing real business impact from digital.

Nevertheless, there is more work to do: most

In the survey, we asked respondents about five

are one-quarter of the way toward realizing the

digital-enterprise trends: big data and advanced

end-state vision for their digital programs.

executives estimate that at best, their companies

analytics, digital engagement of customers, digital
engagement of employees and external partners,
automation, and digital innovation.2 Specifically,
we inquired about their companies’ adoption of

Focusing on customers
and the top line

and focus on each trend, what impact digital
technologies can (and do) have on their businesses,

Executives say each of the five digital trends we

and what obstacles companies face in meeting

asked about is a strategic priority for their compa-


Executives are optimistic
about digital tools, including
big data and advanced
analytics, and report their
companies have more fully
embraced these technologies.
Nonetheless, obstacles
remain: to realize the true
potential of their digital
programs, companies
must address a number of
organizational challenges.
Finding the right leaders,
managing expectations, and
prioritizing talent could help
companies move forward
and reap greater rewards.

nies.3 Of these, the trend that ranks highest is

By comparison, companies have been slower

customer engagement: 56 percent say digital

to adopt digital approaches to engaging their

engagement of customers is at least a top-ten

own employees, suppliers, and external

company priority, and on the whole respondents

partners. Here, executives say their compa-

report notable progress since 2012 in deploying

nies most often use online tools for employee

practices related to this trend (Exhibit 1).

evaluations and feedback or knowledge

Companies have made particularly big gains
McKinsey On Business Technology 2013 — MCK Global Surveysmaller shares report more
in their use of digital to position material

advanced uses, such as collaborative product

Exhibit 1 of across channels and to make

design or knowledge sharing across the

personalized or targeted offers available online.

supply chain.

Exhibit 1
The digital engagement of customers accelerates.
% of respondents1

Companies’ use of digital customer-engagement practices2
Deployed at scale
across enterprise

Fully deployed in 1 business
unit or function

Positioning and branding
material consistently across
online and offline channels









Using advanced customer
targeting to advertise







Making personalized
information or targeted offers
accessible online















Engaging customers through...

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