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Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place:

The following is a report of a health safety and welfare inspection which took place at XXX Engineering Depot on XXth June 20XX. Due to the size of the depot the inspection was confined to the contractors signing in point, contractor‘s mess facilities, depot stores, changing rooms and the Main Depot incorporating Roads 1 to N 15. XXX Depot employs XXX permanent staff who work on a 24hour shift basis. The ...view middle of the document...

Despite the above it should be noted that many good working practices observed. Welfare facilities were also considered to be of a high standard though in some areas such as depot stores housekeeping needs improving.

Main findings of the inspection

Site Access and Control of Contractors

Access to the site is rigidly controlled with secure entry procedures and excellent fencing off arrangements. It would be very difficult for unauthorised persons to gain access to the premises. However there are concerns about the signing in arrangements for contractors who are presented with safety information which is in dire need of reviewing and updating. The Contractor’s Induction File does not appear to have been reviewed since January 2005 and contains safety briefing material pertaining to a BS EN 9000 (1994), a standard to which we are no longer accredited. As the information contained in the document is no longer valid the oversight may be considered as a breach of Sections 2(2c) , 2(3) and Section 3 of the HSWA..

Fire Precautions Arrangements

There were a number of possible breaches of the Fire Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 observed. Specifically the requirement s regarding the maintenance of fire alarms and the testing of Emergency Escape Lighting for which no valid certificates could be located within the Fire Log Book.. In addition the removal of two fire extinguisher appliances from the storage location on 1 Road, which is believed to be due an unsafe system of work practice when issuing permits to work for hot work, the failure to provide fire fighting equipment in the contractor’s mess facilities, and the obstruction of an extinguisher in the stores room, could result in possible charges brought under Section 2 (1), and 2(2a) and or Section 7 and 8 of the HSWA.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

Three instances of possible breaches of the above regulations. In the stores room a pallet truck and mobile pneumatic lift trolley had not received the requisite annual test required for lifting vehicles. Additionally chain and shackles used for heavy lifting on Number 1 Road did not display the requisite 6 monthly test for safe weight limit. All these items required to be taken out of use to avoid the possibility of serious injury and breach of the above regs.

The floor was found to be slippery by the 25t Lifting Jacks due to oil leaking from a container resulting in a risk to safe access and egress.


The Pillar Drill on Number 3 road is without an adjustable guard resulting in significant risk of injury though ejection of metal swarf. Additionally the operator of the equipment clearly required more room to place the necessary tooling for the task as these were strewn around the restricted workspace creating a hazard from falling heavy objects and concerns regarding the practical ergonomics of the workstation. There was significant oil creating an unsafe condition...

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