Necessary Evil For Men Vs. Sexual Exploitation Of Women

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Abuse – transitive verb 1: to put to a wrong or improper use; 2: obsolete (deceive); 3: to use so as to injure or damage (maltreat); 4: to attack in words (revile).
noun 1: a corrupt practice or custom; 2: improper or excessive use or treatment (misuse); a deceitful act (deception); 4: language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily; 5: physical maltreatment.
Abuse, in any and all of its forms, is something many Korean women and girls deal with every day. In 2002, a survey done by the Korean Institute of Criminology, the number of sex purchases in Korea equaled to 4.4 of the countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product), almost the same as agriculture, forestry, ...view middle of the document...

Many of the young prostitutes in Miari Texas are runaways who feel they have nothing more to lose.

The first prostitution house (brothel) was established in the 1920’s when Korean women were taken as sex slaves by the Japanese military during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910 – 1945). After the Korean war ended in 1953, the large American military presence led to the building of “camp town prostitution” for the U.S. soldiers. It can be almost safe to say that prostitution was first introduced to Korea because of foreign invasion.
Women who were forced to partake in these sexual acts for the foreign soldiers were discriminated and excluded from the rest of society. In 1961, the Act on the Prevention of Morally Degrading Behavior, illegalized prostitution. Even so, prostitution was tolerated and even protected. Women in the prostitution industry were regulated to prevent disease.
“In the last forty years or so, in the process of economical development, the sex industry has become part of, and has expanded into the everyday lives of, Korean people – businessmen routinely conducted meetings and deals in brothels; the sex tourism industry exploded; and it was tacitly accepted by society that men had the right to purchase, and use at will, the bodies of women and girls. This trend was exacerbated by the development of consumer capitalism and the commercialization of women’s bodies.”

Between 2000 and 2002, a series of fires took place in the Korean brothels. In the fires, over twenty women burned to death because their rooms were locked from the out side by the brothel owner to prevent escape. The shock of these fires put women’s human rights groups into action. The women’s movement in Korea started focusing on prostitution as a social issue in 2001.
From 2001 to 2003, over twenty different women’s rights organizations did studies about the condition of women in prostitution. The research found that the women underwent physical threats, violence, rape, abduction, intimidation and extortion in their work. Most of the money they earned was taken away by the brothel owners and pimps because of debt bondage...

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