Need Of Vocational Training For Employment Generation For Rural Youths Through Up Skilling In Entrepreneurship

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With over 70% population living in rural India, more than half of them are youths. Rural India today is undergoing a rapid transformation. Even as agriculture continues to be a major source of livelihood for rural population, the younger generation is eagerly turning towards alternative sources of livelihoods. This generation of rural youths is keen to obtain an education and skills for their livelihood and survival, necessary to become a part of India’s growth story in the industrial and service sectors.
The need of the hour is to train these youths for result oriented and life coping skills for gainful employment, who --- if trained and motivated properly --- have the capability to build ...view middle of the document...

It is equally needed that trained rural youths be linked with prospective employers.

In the present era, started after the Second World War, UNEMPLOYMENT is a global phenomenon. In the last few decades, there had not been a single country ---developed or developing --- whether USA, European countries, Japan, the developing countries like India, China, Argentina, Brazil or the underdeveloped countries, which is not reeling under the grip of unemployment increasing at an alarming rate year after year.
We all know the reason behind this :
 Population growth

 Lack of education

 Lack of employment opportunities

 Lack of employment generating training programmes to the core of the heart of policy makers and the implementers at large
 Communication gap and communication failure

 Reduction in the dimension of Agricultural Land due to industrialization and increase in residential complexes on agricultural lands

 Reduction in the production of Agricultural produces due to lack of hands needed for agriculture

 Lack of adopting scientific methods for the Agricultural production

 Migration of villagers and workers from villages to urban locations for want of livelihood and better living and amenities, like power, transportation, etc.

 Degrowth of Cottage Industry

 Lack of the right trainer and the real motivators, who can take initiative in recognizing the talent of the individual training, understand the problem in the candidate and motivate them to understand their interest, weaknesses, strengths and capabilities and then suggesting them the right path and work, they will be successful in.

 Need to think and understand by the policy makers, why a Government Programme fails? What and where were the lacunae in implementing the programme successfully? What changes are needed and required for betterment?

 Lack of Uniform Guidelines : Apart from the Ministry of Labour and the MHRD, there are 17 ministries that are currently working in the areas of skill development. Several of these ministries are running one or more vocational training schemes that involve private partnerships. The guidelines for private players differ significantly from one scheme to the other. There are differences with respect to infrastructural requirements, limits on revenue per student, screening and approval criteria and terms for release of payments across schemes. Even for the same central government scheme, there could be varying terms and conditions across different states where it is being implemented. The resulting complexity for the private player is immense.

India’s primary training infrastructure consisting of I.T.Is. and Industrial Training Centers is inadequate to meet the diverse skills requirements of the populations,...

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