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Needs Assessment Essay

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Needs Assessment

I. Introduction
As a result of our research on sexual violence, its prevalence, and its impact on our society were able to identify a service gap within our local communities. A core nonprofit agency, ContactLifeline, Inc. specifically targets people affected by sexual violence and crisis. We interviewed people in the community, local educators, students, and key staff from ContactLifeline Inc. to gather professional opinions and opinions of our fellow community members and educators to see how these service gaps may have affected them or may not have. We discovered that ContactLifeline is a nonprofit agency that provides specific services to sexual assault and ...view middle of the document...

As well as causing physical injury, it is associated with an increased risk of a range of sexual and reproductive health problems, with both immediate and long-term consequences. Its impact on mental health can be as serious as its physical impact, and may be equally long lasting. Sexual violence can also profoundly affect the social wellbeing of victims; individuals may be stigmatized and ostracized by their families and others as a consequence. Sexual violence is defined as any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or otherwise directed against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting(RAINN). Sexual violence includes rape, defined as the physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration of the vulva or anus with a penis, other body part or object. Intimate partner violence refers to behavior in an intimate relationship that causes physical, sexual or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, and psychological abuse and controlling behaviors. History on a National Level

In the United States every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted. This means that one in six women and one in thirty-three men will be a survivor of sexual assault in their lifetime (RAINN). Approximately seventy three percent of rape survivors knew their assailants. So it is more of a myth that perpetrators are the strangers in the back alleys, they are people we know. Six out of ten sexual assaults take place in the survivor’s home or in the home of a friend, relative or neighbor. Unfortunately, sixty percent of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. Police reports only include information about recent cases of sexual assault that have been reported to law enforcement. A significant percentage of sexual assault victims do not seek services from rape crisis or other sexual violence agencies. According to The Department of Justice (2012) “At the national level, there are two U.S. Department of Justice-sponsored sources of information about rape that provide data on recent rape cases that occur each year. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports includes information about a subset of new rapes that occur each year that are reported to police. The National Crime Victimization Survey also provides information about new cases of rape that occur each year and includes unreported as well as reported cases. However, both the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and the National Crime Victimization Survey have methodological problems that result in their producing substantial underestimates of the number of new rape cases each year.” (United States Department of Justice, 2012) According to RAINN's website "Rape and the fear of rape have an impact on every woman’s life, and that fear influences choice and restricts freedom. On average, twenty-four people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate...

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