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Social networking has become a means of communication in the present world and has become an important part of one’s lives. It is no longer in their infancy stage since its emergence it continued to offer its customers with a variety and meaningful ways through which they can engage people and events. Besides this, the social networking sites are creating some potential harm to the society. Students are becoming the main victims of them rather than anyone else. The main negative effects of social networking include cyber bullying and security issues and several techniques are to be practiced to protect from these dangers.
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A survey revealed that about 43% of U.S teens reported that they were victims of cyber bullying. Similarly, in Canada 23% of middle school students were bullied by e-mails, 41% by text messages and 35% in their chat room (Wanger, 2008). The bullies are mainly teens, and there are many reasons for it such as anonymity, ignorance of the consequences or social pressure. They also think that bullying helps them to stay popular, hurting others make them feel powerful, helps them cope with their own self-esteem or they think it will help them fit in with their peers.
Social networking sites are used to connect and maintain contacts, but many attackers see them as a prime target for spreading malware. These mal wares saves the bank account information, passwords and important account credentials of different users and are misuse by cyber criminals. The networking sites such as facebook is used by many of the hackers. In 2010, there was a post which promoted the users to click on a link titled “Most Hilarious Video Ever”. When the user clicks on the link, a fake facebook page is opened which requests credentials and once entered these are captured and used by attackers (Labushagne, Veerasamy, 2013). For attacking the websites, the cyber criminals locate vulnerabilities which are not properly fixed ad protected, and infect its database. Some attackers take advantage of the trust exhibited by the users when visiting the networking sites or harm through the use of fake identities. Besides these many attackers take advantage of webmasters who neglect the basic security regulations and an attack on a single account will spread the malware through the whole system and destroys entire database.
Other than these two social networking has many disadvantages, which include False Sense of Connection- it is difficult to distinguish between the significant relationships and casual relationships caused by social media. Time and energy are wasted if the relations are less significant; Decreased Productivity- due to the social networking sites like face book productivity of different firms has decreased as many employees spend their time on these sites instead of completing their tasks; Privacy- the networking sites encourage people to be more public about their lives and users are prone to bypass the filters and the employers check their private lives while hiring them. This decrease the chances of employment; many of the users get distracted from studies as they spend many hours on social networking sites checking updates and this sites may harm one’s self esteem as people start evaluating their participation on social networking.
Besides these disadvantages, scholars think that it has many advantages, which include promotion of new businesses helping students in building their career. They help in connecting the current...

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