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Negative Impact Ofl1 On English Writing

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his thesis, using quantitative approach, examined the negative impact of Chinese on university students°Ø English writing in organization, grammar, expression as well as usage of words. The aim of this study was to make clear the variety of the negative transfer of Chinese in university students°Ø English writing and give some suggestions so that both teachers and students could get inspiration or help from it in their teaching or learning of English writing. Sixty students participated in the study as subjects. They were asked to write a composition within 100-120 words on the topic of °± Creating a Green Campus°± which comes from 2009 Cet-4 Test Paper. In addition, a questionnaire was done ...view middle of the document...

However, the situation facing is that Chinese university students°Ø English writing is so poor. Hence this paper aims to find the main causes to Chinese university students°Ø English writing. It will discuss the following problems: firstly, what were the main problems in university students°Ø English writing? Seconly, of the problems, what were caused by the negative impact of the native language? Thirdly, how can we rise above the negative impact of Chinese in English writing? And it was hypothesized that of the students°Ø problems in their English writing£¨most were caused by the negative influence of Chinese and that the negative impact of Chinese played a bigger part in university students°Ø English writing than its positive impact. Sixty students were required to write a composition within 100-120 words on the topic of °∞ Creating a Green Campus°± from 2009 Cet-4 Test Paper.Then the results showed that the main problems in Chinese university students°ØEnglish writing were:digression from the point,too many grammatical mistakes,unidiomatic expression,confusing usage of words.These problems were mainly caused by the negative influence of Chinese which played a bigger part than its positive impact in Chinese university students English writing. At last this thesis give some suggestions for teachers and students so as to improve teachers English writing teaching and Chinese university students°Ø English writing.
1.1 Literature review
The review of the state of knowledge in composition was organized around such elements as factors that influenced writing, instructional approaches and their influence on writing ability, frequency of writing and class size, vocabulary and spelling.In emphasizing products, many of these research studies had ignored the writer himself.What are new about the recent studies on writing are the attempts by researchers to reread the neglect.Among the first to study the composing process was Emig(1971).The ways adopted in research are mainly as follows: (1) making observations of writing behavior(Perl,Pianko,Zamel); (2) videotaping of the writers
as they are engaged in the writing task (Pianko); (3) interviewing subjects before or after the writing task so as to obtain feedback concerning the subjects°Ø attitudes towards writing,their protocols in an effort to glean some insight into the writers°Ø cognitive processes (Emig, Raimes); etc.As for the relationship between one°Øs native language and his writing ability in English.Many foreign researchers have also carded out researches in this field.But for some reasons,they do not quite agree with each other. In China,researchers of English writing cover mainly the following aspects: problems in college students°ØEnglish writing (Chinglish, lack of meaningful content, etc.) (Zhang Zaixin,1995; Wang Yatong, 2000); the influence of Chinese on English writing (Ma Guanghui & Wen Qiufang,1999; Wen Qiufang,1998;Guo Chunjie £¶Liu Fang,1997); introduction of...

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