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Neighborhood Racism Essay

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Bernardo Nunez November 14, 2013
English 2- McDonald

Neighborhood Racism

Racism has been around longer than anyone knows. Segregation had ended in 1964, however the issue of discrimination is still far from gone and there does not seem to be a real solution for it. Racism is found everywhere including schools, workplaces, and even one’s own neighborhood. Neighborhoods are still largely segregated in today’s society for a variety of reasons. Although this may include economic stability for some situations, many of these scenarios are caused by racist homeowners making it hard for African Americans to live in the same neighborhood as them. There are not many ...view middle of the document...

After revealing this information, he told the interviewer, “Most of them seemed disgraced that we were even in their house looking around or weren’t good enough to live there.” It was difficult for African Americans to move into mainly white neighborhoods because they would feel the tension once they walked through someone’s door. Most of the houses that Mr. Coleman wanted he would have to offer more than the asking price, however, all but one homeowner continued to decline. The process eventually took five years when the Coleman family realized their dream of living Long Island was not going to happen. They settled for a house right outside of the county in Rosedale, Queens where they still had to overpay about 10,000 dollars which was a lot at the time. Charles claims that he believes the only reason their offer was accepted was because the owner was such in a rush to sell it that he did not care who was buying it.
Even after the Coleman family had moved into neighborhood, they still felt victimized of racism. ...

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