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Neolithic Revolution Essay

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The argument can be made that nr should be N.T INSTEAD. To fully consider point, one must first realize the difference between a transition and revolution. A transition is a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another, while a revolution is a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc. Note that a transition is usually over a long period of time. Most factors of the n.r fall better under the category of a transition rather than a revolution.One example is g.t. this temple was built ~ 12000 years ago. This temple's size showed a need for a number of people that exceeded 2000. This means that there must have been a way for people to communicate with each other over extended distances. This temple disproves theories that the revolution was simply one event; a flash of genius that happened in merely one ...view middle of the document...

After this, there was agriculture. Agriculture allowed for the creation of many new concepts due to the fact that it removed the struggle of people focusing on just staying alive. Because people knew that they had a surplus of food, they were able to stop worrying about that and develop new, unheard of ideas; mainly permanent settlement. Of course, with agriculture, you need land and time. In order to do this, people started organizing little villages. Then, farming had to become more efficient. Over many countries, new technologies were developed in order to do just that. The domestication of draft animals in asia and india combined with the plow from mesop. And Egypt greatly reduced the amount of people required for these jobs. Then, Egyptians discovered irrigation. Slowly and slowly over time, the practicality of tasks such as farming increased exponentially.With the new ease of life and spare time, people began creating new amazing things. For example, the wheel was made. This not only increased the efficiency of agriculture but it also allowed for the creation of pottery. Following that was the needle and thread, used to make things like rugs. Sheep wool for textiles came next, which lead to clothing. Permanent settlements were then upgraded with the introduction of the brick. The loom lead to basketry and a whole new industry for people to specialize in. Papyrus was introduced and caused a better way of recording events into written language. Each of these inventions lead to new, more complex and helpful ones.The events listed above happened over the course of about 7000 years whereas most revolutions in history rarely exceed 10 years. Because each of these technologies, events, and concepts built on each other, it took many, many years to develop. Going back to the original statement; a revolution is usually very abrupt. A transition can happen over the course of thousands of years, such as the Neolithic "revolution." This is why the Neolithic Revolution could arguably be called the Neolithic transition.

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